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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Someday, I'll Miss Her Music

This morning, from the shower, I could hear music. The piano was playing downstairs.

The Warden had to leave early this morning. He's got a lot weighing on his mind. He's got to be the one to share the news about the district's budget cuts to his staff and his school community today. It will be presentations all day long. I don't envy his place AT ALL. This morning, before he left, we had prayer together and he prayed that no one would try to remove his head today. THAT's how bad it is. $40,000,000 in cuts.

Because the Warden was gone and wasn't taking the kids to school today, the high school kids got to wait around awhile longer than normal, so the younger kids woke to #1's music.

For a second, I thought to stop her because #6 doesn't have school today and #7 was still asleep (a very rare thing), but then I realized that it's not very much longer and we won't have the opportunity to be awakened by a personal concert.

Here is a song that #1 plays frequently. I can't hear it without it reminding me of her (it plays on frequently on one of the Pandora stations I listen to). I'm putting it here so that when she is gone, I can come back here to hear it and have it remind me of days like today.


Patrick and Paige said...

My all time Favorite Song!!! Marnae used to listen to this CD while studying at night. I was always in her room bugging (I like the word snuggling better...haha) her while she did her homework! I will always associate this song with those nights.

Monica said...

I love this song! One of my favorites! I used to listen to it all the time! :)

Monica said...

I love this song! My sister plays it too! :)

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