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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Strong Like Unto Moses"

Given a challenge, to return and get the plates from the family record keeper, Laban, way back in Jerusalem--a journey that will require days there and days back--Nephi, as he works to encourage and motivate his brothers, says, "Let us be strong like unto Moses."

This hit me as such an interesting phrase this morning.

I'm having an awful time getting myself going in the mornings. I'm completely unmotivated, and to be honest, quite overwhelmed. I would love to see someone not be in my situation. Not that my situation is the worst there is. It's not, but day after day, it's the same thing only things pile up. Maybe everybody feels this way at times. The reason I say I'd like to see someone not be is because I'd like to watch that person to see what his/her tricks are to keep going and conquer what lies ahead each day.

So, when I read Nephi's words this morning, it struck a chord with me...."Strong like unto Moses...." Interesting.

Moses had a seemingly impossible task to accomplish. To anyone anywhere, it would have seemed impossible. Not do-able. Completely out of the question. Much, much worse than what I've got lying ahead of me this morning. He had a people to free. Well, I guess I do to...myself--from whatever binds me and keeps me from doing what needs to be done around here.

Was Moses really that strong? We all know the answer to that one. No!

Moses, when commanded to go before Pharoah, claims that he's slow of speech and asks for someone to speak for him. He was given Aaron, his brother, to be the front line guy. Moses knew his limits. Could he have done it himself? Yes, I believe he could have. Who was asking him to do this? God, Himself. "Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies." Moses could have done it without Aaron, I have little doubt. He just needed that much more faith to get himself there. Did he deny himself blessings because of this weakness? I don't know, maybe.

Everyday, I deny myself blessings. I don't even ask for Aaron. I'm bound and determined to do it all myself. I don't ask God to help me get moving in the right direction. Well, to be honest and fair to myself, sometimes I do, but not always; not consistently. I feel that it's just part of life, and I should just get on it. Why would God help me with that? But of course He would....If I'd just ask.

No, I don't have a staff that I can turn into a serpent. I'm not going to ask for a plague of frogs or locusts, but if I don't get going on getting this house in order, those things may eventually come. I did have a dream about large, black, flying beetles the other night.

Being "strong like unto Moses," those words, were my tender mercy this morning. They were my push in the right direction.

Moses alone wasn't strong at all. Moses was weak. Moses had an impossible task to fulfill. Moses knew his limitataions and because of that, Moses knew where to find strength, and he used that to his advantage. Moses was a leaner, a clinger. Moses KNEW he couldn't do it on his own.

Therein lies the key....Nephi's not telling us to be "strong" like Moses, He's telling us to be weak like Moses. He's telling us, "Lean, baby. LEAN!"

Today's the day that message is finally sinking into my thick skull....

If I want to be strong, strong enough to accomplish what appears impossible to me this morning as I wake with knots in my stomach facing my own, personal impossible task, I HAVE to lean. There is no way around it. And, it's not just waking up, saying a quick ditty of a prayer and heading on my way like I try to get away with every morning, this is a deep, counsel-with-the-Lord kind of prayer along with talking to Him continually all day long in my heart and doing what I feel as I do so.

So, I'm off to conquer Egypt. Err, no, I'm off to conquer a never ending list of chores. Isn't it funny that God cares about my plight--my bondage and slavery to my house--as He cared about the bondage and slavery of the children of Israel? Well, I'm off to find out if He really does. I'm going to be "strong like unto Moses."


vaxhacker said...

Thank you for writing that. It captures how I feel far too much of the time. Or sometimes I'm highly motivated, but not for the right projects (you know, ADD... "squirrel!"... mode).


We are given each other... spouses, obviously. But also children, parents, friends and associates... to learn to help each other, and paradoxically more difficult for us, to learn to accept help from others.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I'm catching up on your blogs I've missed the last little while. It's neat because you are inspiring me left and right!..so many "dittys' I want to frame and put by my mirror to remind me....not enough mirror space! Thanks!...Lea, Baby, lean!...like unto Moses!...perfect!

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