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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Happy Return

Insomnia returns.....

4a.m. - coughing....not me, the boy having the asthma problems downstairs.  I thought he was coughing to the point of throwing up, but was happy to hear that that was not the case.  Close, but not quite.  The Warden got him some puffs, and they both went back to bed.

Laid awake.

Went to a meeting last night as I walked in, I could hear "All the Single Ladies" blasting (as much as can be while little ones are asleep upstairs) and #s 1 and 3 singing along.  I walked by and found the three oldest children in the kitchen doing dishes and basically straightening and cleaning the room as they danced around (well, the girls were dancing around, #2--not so much).

I went upstairs and the Warden sat in a beautifully clean bedroom.  When I had left, the floor had been taken over by clean laundry.  He not only folded it ALL, but he'd had the kids put it away.  LOVELY!  I married such a good man.

During the insomnia, I decided that I have made my life too complicated.  I require too much of myself--my expectations are too high.  I decided that I need to go back to the basics, and I need to learn to be okay with that.  There are too many other complications right now.  For me to complicate life further is foolish.

I turned to Flylady.  Wow!  What a change!  Her site is organized and easy to maneuver through.  I've decided to return to her basics and just go for it each morning.

One thing hit me as I started following her morning routine this morning.  She says, "Empty dishwasher."  HaHa!  She doesn't mention empty and fill dishwasher.  I rarely, if ever, empty my dishwasher not to find other dishes there in the sink waiting to go in.  So, dishes are running, sink's clean, and I'm dressed and ready to go.  Such a good feeling.

It took quite a bit of positive self-talk to get myself out of bed, but I knew I had to be out before I was invaded by little people.  Feeling that I conquered something just by doing that much.  Now, I'm feeling happy that at least I'm ready, no matter what's thrown at me today. 

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