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Friday, March 16, 2012


I really wrote this post yesterday (Thursday), but it took me until this morning to finish it.

Absolutely INSANE morning.  When isn't it lately?  Went to Wicked last night and out to dinner with friends, so I wasn't here to nag remind the kids at home to do their jobs.  And, to be honest, I've been so absorbed with that one particular child, that I haven't been a very good example with getting my own jobs done.

In short, we woke with a few clean dishes remaining in the dishwasher (no one had bothered to empty it and fill it last night--or yesterday at all, by the looks of it) and even less in the cupboard.

The boy who ran at the track meet last night had a fever this morning.  Another child has little bumps all around her left eye which is also quite bloodshot.  Another woke complaining about his left eye as well; he's been home with a fever for the past two days along with that.

In short, we're a MESS!

Called the doctor, and they got us in for a 9:30 appointment.  While I was on the phone, a friend dropped by and asked if she could take the child to play with her kids.  She kind of changed her mind after hearing about the weird eye stuff--that child didn't have those problems, but the concern about it being contagious cancelled the invitation.  It was very nice of her to offer.

Knowing that the exam rooms are small at the doctor's office, I called the friend I know I can call on in times like this.  She happily took the child and was going to be out running an errand, so she came by to pick him up.  What a tender mercy!  I honestly felt like if one more thing landed on my shoulders, I was going to crumble.  I didn't add to fact that it's pouring down rain, and right before I was going to send our elementary school-age son across the street to beg a ride, a little girl from down the street showed up on our doorstep asking if she could walk up with us.  I was still in my pajamas.  It was the last thing I wanted to do as I was wading through caring for my sickies and my disgusting house, but I threw on a hoodie and a pair of #1s boots that happened to be sitting in the hallway and drove them up.

It was so wonderful of this great friend to swing by for and keep the child. 

I took the eye kids with me.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics, but it seemed like she didn't really know what it was. 

As we got ready to leave, the doctor said, "And is there anything I can do for your eye?"  Lovely!  They used to have things all over the clinic saying that if you'd being hurt by your "significant other"  you should report it, so I'm sure she was trying to get to the bottom of my black eye--thinking that it was the Warden.  I mean, seriously, if I weren't me and saw me right now, that'd be my assumption too--"That poor woman.".  I explained what had happened, and I truly think she felt sorry for me.  Dang!  I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself right now.

When I picked the child up, it was about 11am.  I realized, as I stood on my friend's doorstep ringing the bell that it was "that time of day."  Ugh!  He was a bit squirrelly.  My friend said that she'd fed him some yogurt and a package of nuts a little bit before.

When I got them home, I gave them some lunch.  The child sat at the table and waited patiently and drew and wrote while I got others cared for first.

I messaged my friend and asked her when she'd fed him.  She said that it was around 10:30.  Yureka!

I need to add a little something here....I was bullied from the time I was six.  One moment  things were great and wonderful and the next, they weren't.  I was always a bit nervous because I never knew what I was going to get.  These feelings I'm now having with this child take me back many, many years.

When the bully was on his mission, he just happened to meet just the right person who knew what was going on.  He was soon thereafter diagnosed with hypoglycemia.  After that time, he worked very hard to get his diet in control and life was much better for him.  When he returned, he was a different person.

When we were little, I remember my dad saying, "You hate each other now, but someday you'll be best friends.  You just watch and see if that isn't so."  Well, my dad's prophecy came to pass.  I would say, that the bully has been my biggest ally.

So, now a load of dishes had been done.  That child has had a fourth small meal for the day.  So far, things are humming along nicely.  I just feel like I'm doing a very fragile balancing act.

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Alyson said...

It would be so great if the solution to his problems were solved by keeping his blood sugar up with regular snacks and meals! And that eye thing seems totally weird.

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