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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Happiness Project: Personalized Commandments

The night I found the Happiness Project, I had some fun working to figure out just what my own commandments would be.  I looked through Gretchen's (the creator of the Happiness Project) and kind of revised a few of those, but for the most part, I took things that are important to me and listed them.  These are just preliminary notes.  There are some great stories behind some of them.  I think as time goes on, I'll post about each and give some background.  Here's my list:

My 12 Commandments

1.      Be Julie
a.       accepting my true likes and dislikes
b.      realize my limitations
c.       let go of all the things that I am not
                                                              i.      "I have a lot of notions about what I wish I liked to do, of the subjects and occupations that I wish interested me. But it doesn’t matter what I wish I were like. I am [Julie]" - Gretchen Rubin
                                                            ii.      "It’s possible -- in fact quite easy -- to construct a life quite unrelated to our nature." - Gretchen Rubin
d.      Accept others just as they are.
e.       I want to “Be Julie,” yet I also want to change myself for the better.
f.       Rejoice in what you are; be authentic
2.      Be my best friend
a.       Be the first to forgive myself
b.      Keep things in perspective
                                                              i.      The world will not end
1.      Unless I choose to push the button, that is.
c.       Let it go and move on
3.      This is it!
a.       The days are long but life is short. - Adapted from a quote by Gretchen Rubin.
b.      Enjoy every second of everyday with whatever I do.
4.      Do it now!
a.       Don’t put off what you dread.
b.      Babysteps are all that matter.
c.       Don’t let any generous/good impulse pass unfulfilled
5.      Act as if
a.       So you don’t want to do it?  Act as if you do.
b.      So you don’t like that person?  Act as if you do.
a.       It’s all on loan.
b.      Be all I can be every minute.
c.       Do my best work.
d.      Give because I’ve received so abundantly.
7.      Trust
a.       God’s got your back, but you have to let Him have it.
8.      Don’t complain; do something!
9.      Smile no matter what.
10.  Say a little prayer.
11.  Own the street.
a.       Get to know others who’re visiting your street.
b.      Be warm and welcoming.
12.  Take care of me.
a.       Don’t sabotage yourself.
b.      If you don’t take care of you, who’s going to.
c.       Don’t be afraid to do ALL the things you know you should.
d.      Do hard things—yah, just do them!

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