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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today's Work

I just finished my American Mothers portfolio.  Wow!  It was quite a bit of work, but I learned a lot from the experience.

I had to have a bunch of letters of recommendation--thank you to those who wrote them for me.  My children had to each write one too.  Those were fascinating!  LOVE my kids!

I had to write a number of essays on how I feel and how I contribute.  These are things I don't think about very often.

The last thing I have to do is compile it all and get the page numbers into the Table of Contents.

Now I can fully focus on getting the capstone course done.

...Still chewing on the whale.

Today, with the Warden's help, I was able to clean out that kitchen cupboard I wrote about.  Here's the before photo again--for your viewing pleasure....

It now looks like this....

Looks like Monday'd better be a grocery shopping day.

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Roxane B. Salonen said...

Julie, so happy for you. I recently had to update my portfolio. It's not like the one you've done but I understand the work that goes into trying to encapsulate your skills into one body. Again, congrats! By the way, I love how you've numbered all your kids on the side of your blog. I might just copy this idea if you don't mind. :)

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