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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who Thinks Like That?!

 ...Cuz I want to meet them and hang out with them and be their very best friend in hopes that some of their brilliance will somehow rub off.

Last night I cleaned out this cupboard...

Yes, it's okay, you can say it...YIKES!!!

Before I even cleaned it, I was bemoaning that top shelf.  I mean, seriously, unless your name is Yao Ming, why do you have a cupboard so high up in the air?  The only things you're going to put up there are things you don't ever use.  If you put other, more useful, items on it, you might as well have a chair permanently affixed to the spot in front of the cupboard.  The only good use for a shelf like this, that I can think of, is to hide things (Like...say...Nutella?) from people who aren't desperate enough to climb on the chair. 

Okay, but I have to share this--the reason for the title.

We have lived in this house for 13 years.  I have seen this little feature, but it didn't click until yesterday.  I'm sure after I explain it there will be a collective "DUH!"

In the back of the bottom shelf is this little beauty...

My eyes caught hold of it yesterday, and I got so excited.  That's like extra counter space there, folks.  I have cleaned out and reorganized this cupboard so many times since we've lived here, but I never understood the joy that that little feature brings.  I mean it didn't even click.  What is wrong with me?

Here's how the cupboard looks now....

I've been cleaning out cupboards while I'm making dinner, so as I found the outlet, I took the crockpot from off the counter and plugged it in next to the Kitchen-Aid.  The Kitchen-Aid used to be on the counter, but as you can see, I now have additional counter space.  With the raising up of the shelves and removal of that ridiculously high shelf, the Kitchen-Aid fits wonderfully INSIDE the cupboard. Yippeeeee!!!

All I have to do now is get any appliance from one of the upper shelves, when I want to use it, move it down, plug it in, and my counters stay clutter-free.  The placement of an outlet inside the cupboard is brilliant, I tell you.  Just BRILLIANT!

Oh, one other little feature....the wooden shelf there on the bottom is also a cutting board and pulls out on runners.  It's spiffy!

You'd better believe that one's going to be used A LOT.

Okay, so next.....Maybe I should refrain from showing you this next picture--it is not for the weak of heart or stomach....

This is the cupboard above the fridge and under the cupboard, you can see the top of the fridge.

In my own defense, I will share that I am not a tall woman.  When I want one of the items in this cupboard, I have to climb on a chair, and when I want to return it, I huck it.  In the previous photos, you saw the organizer that holds cookie sheets, etc.?  Well, that used to be housed in this cupboard.  It was a PAIN to have to bring a chair over just to make dinner each night.

You've heard of limbo, right?  Well, ever wondered where it is?  Yup.  You've now seen it.  It's on top of my fridge.  Anything placed there is lost forever, or at least until I climb up to get something out of this lovely cupboard, but by the time I'm pulling things out of this cupboard, I don't have time to clean the top of the fridge.

So, there you have it.  This is tonight's project.


Deena said...

I had to giggle at this blog post of yours.

When Michael and I remodeled our kitchen, I wanted to put a cupboard where one of the electrical outlets used to reside. Michael said, "I'm going to have to disconnect that outlet because we are going to be covering it up."

I protested, saying that I didn't want to lose an outlet. He pointed out that we couldn't run it to the outside of the cupboard, because that would place it too close to the sink (code violation).

I said that I didn't want it there anyway. I wanted it inside of the cupboard. Michael asked, "Why do you want it inside of the cupboard?" I replied that I wanted a space where we could charge the batteries of our techy gadgets without them being out in the open.

So, that's what I got - an outlet inside of the cupboard for charging phones, camera batteries, the Bluetooth, etc. It's not quite as cool as your slide-out counter extension, but your inner-cupboard outlet did remind me of our situation.

I posted a photo of my inner-cupboard outlet here: http://www.deenaszoo.com/Miscellaneous/Cupboard.JPG

Tonya said...

Well hooray!

I'm so glad you found that little outlet:)

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