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Friday, January 13, 2012

Commandment #2: Be My Best Friend

There was once a time in my teen years when I made a huge mistake.  I had to go talk to the person it effected, and I was scared to do so, but I knew I had to free my conscience and make things right.

Before I went to talk to that person, I sought counsel from my dad.  I will never forget his words...

He said, "Jole, if your best friend was sitting next to you during all this, would she treat you the way you're treating yourself?"

No question, I was being super hard on myself and could see no reason why the other party would forgive me.  Heck, how could that person EVER forgive me if I couldn't even forgive myself?

Because of his words, I was able to find some love for myself and during the conversation with the other party, I imagined my best friend sitting there.  It made things so much easier and was quite relieved when the other person forgave me with no hesitation.  WHEW!

Even now, though, when I make mistakes, I find it hard to forgive myself.  Therefore, my second commandment is to "be my best friend"--to be the first to forgive myself and give myself the benefit of the doubt.  I do it for others all the time.  Why is it so hard to do it for me?  I know my own heart and my own intentions, and it's never do another person harm.  Should be an easy one, right?  Well, we shall see.

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