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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Week's Clean Outs

Here are the areas that the child I mentioned in the last post chose for me.  Actually, the first photo was taken a week ago.  Yes, I've been a slacker. 
I told said child to only choose five places because of this one that's been hanging over my head, but when I downloaded the photos, there were six instead of five, so I planned that one day this week I'd do an extra area, but when I got to work, yesterday, I kind of got carried away and cleaned out six drawers instead because thanks to this little discovery, I  decided I wanted my bowls and things closer to that cupboard.
At this point, I have cleaned out four of the areas in the photos below plus two others for which there were no "before" pictures.  Oops.
Before - middle drawer
After - now in the bottom drawer
Wednesday's job

Thursday's job

I cleaned out the drawer that housed the coloring books and crayons--things to keep little ones busy while I'm making dinner--and put all of the usable items in a box to pull out when needed.  This particular drawer is below the magical cupboard with the outlet, so I have put the griddle and waffle iron, as well as the batter dispenser in this drawer, so now, all we have to do is bend down, get one of them out, open the cupboard above, plug the griddle or waffle iron in, and we're off.  Easy!  I love it when things make logical sense.

Before - this drawer now houses the potatoes and the open dry pack cans of rice, onions and bag of potato pearls.  I neglected to take an after photo of it.  I will later today.
After - new location - kind of a large drawer for its new contents, but things are always subject to change, right?

Before - one location
After - new location right below the magic cupboard.

Friday's job - this will probably become the drawer with the lunch bags in it.
After these, I think there are only two more kitchen drawers to redo until the kitchen's done, so maybe I'll tackle those too before the week is through.  It would be SO nice to have it all done, so I can move onto some other lovely place.

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