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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The List...Where to Begin

Yesterday in the car, I got to talking to #2 about the things I'm going to do once school's over.  The conversation started because we were talking about school and the papers he had to write and how he needed my laptop in order to finish them.

I shared with him the fact that I've made up my little schedule and how papers continue on my to-do list until late February.  Yes, that's right, school will no longer be part of my to-do list once February is past.  YAY!!!  and at the same time PHEW!!!

So, number one on my list is a nap.  You got that right.  A big, huge, wake-when-I'm-all-done-sleeping nap.

When I was 18 and was living in the dorms at BYU, I remember a friend knocking on my dorm window at the end of fall term.  I had finished finals and had crashed on my bed.  I remember waking to that knock feeling like I was climbing out of a cave.  I was so exhausted.

So, yes, #1:  NAP.

Here are some of the other things I'm hoping to undertake:
  • Create a photo book for #1.  I want to do this for each of my kids before they head off to college.
  • Figure out Disneyland.  I would REALLY LOVE for this to happen.  I'm just not sure how it's going to.  Getting nine people there and finding a place to stay, not to mention entrance to the park, is going to be an amazing trick.  We'll see.  I've been asked a number of times if I plan on walking in the graduation ceremony at the "Y."  At first, I thought I might, but then I realized that I'd much rather make some lasting memories with my family who's sacrificed so much to help get me to this point.  With #1 leaving for college, this might be our last hoorah with all of our crew.  I want to make good memories before the dominoes start to fall.
  • Clean out my house and get things in order.
  • Learn some interior design skills and decorate my home. 

I'm still trying to figure it all out.  These are the ideas that pop into my head right now, but I'm sure there'll be more--many more.

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