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Sunday, January 8, 2012


I've been thinking about this talk a lot lately.  So shockingly true. 

Where do we draw lines when we have no morals?  What happens to our society when we don't even know what morals are?  Where are our limits?  Do we live in a world of anything goes?  Such things as honesty and integrity cannot stand without some kind of internal understanding and desire to be moral people.  Who can you trust if no one has any limits or inner code to live by?  If you can't trust anyone, how can you be truly happy?  Or, for that matter, how can you be happy if you know that you yourself can't be trusted? How do we even trust ourselves?

How can we turn this trend around?  Are we teaching our kids morals?  How do we teach them if we're not willing to live them ourselves?

Maybe it's time to stop the trend--the erosion.  What are your limits?  What will you and won't you do?  Maybe it's time for us to stop waiting for someone else to step up and be first.  Maybe it's time to create some personal rules; some values to live by. 

It's time to end the downward spiral.

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Janiece said...

You hit it on the head when you said, "stop waiting for someone else." I believe the greatest mistake parents have made is not being parents...let the schools teach the child, let the church teach the child, let the daycare teach the child, let the grandparent teach the child. The person that teach a child more than anyone is the parent, by example and by word. Parents Must take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their children. My greatest pet peeve when a child does something that is not exceptable is to say, "oh it is just a phase". The phase should always be being held accountable for your actions and know that each action brings about an action...be it positve or negative.
WOW...got me going hu!
One last thought...
Who buys an 6 year olds clothes or even 12 or 14??? The parents... if your little girl is wearing inapropriate clothes.... you are approving her actions ...it is ok to tell her no...she will not die just because she says she will. Or our young boys and men...if his clothes are looking sloppy we are teaching him it is ok.
OK I am done...hehehee

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