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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ordered to Bed

Sick...like for days.  Each day worse than the one before.  No!  This is not good.  The fam's off celebrating #5's 9th birthday, which is tomorrow really.  #1 had just called #5's friend's mom to verify that we'd be by to pick him up at noon, when the Warden announced the activity cancelled.  I begged him not to.

"Are you coming?" He asked. 
"Yes," I replied. 
"Then it's cancelled.  You need to be home in bed."
"I mean, no, I'm not going, but you can't cancel this.  It's all arranged.  It's the perfect day to do it."

Of course, through all of this I'm thinking of #5 who frequently gets the short end of every stick there is around here.  He doesn't gripe, moan or complain about any of it, but gosh.  Poor kid.

After the Warden returns, he'll run me off to urgent care to see what the deal is.  I would think sinus infection.  Sure has me down and out--one of those headaches where you feel like it'd be more convenient just to let your head hit the ground and then drag it around behind you than to have to hold it up on your shoulders.  Yep, that's where I'm at.  Energy's all gone.

I started with Theraflu, which worked okay but made me feel super groggy then I went to Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine.  It does an okay job, but I haven't felt normal in days.  The day of the missing purse, I was already sick, but when I got home, I crashed.  That was the end of normal.

Funny how I want to live everyday to its fullest, but just as I'm saying it, my fullest happens to be in bed sleeping with my mouth open so I can just breathe.

I'm just glad it all happened when everyone was home to take care of each other and the house.  Really wanted to be better by the time the kids went back to school.  We'll see what the doc says.  Hoping for some meds that'll get me back up and moving in the right direction.

While I'm laying here, I'm working on the last of my portfolio stuff for American Mothers.  I'm working on a list of my achievements.  That's really hard to do.  Wish I'd been more of a journal writer before now.  So nice to be able to look back and see what you've done with life.


vaxhacker said...

Get better soon!

Julie said...

Thank you!

Julia Shinkle said...

I hope you feel better super quick. We lost about a week of our break here with the stomache flu....all of us took our turn. Get well soon...here is to feeling normal!

Julie said...

Stomach flu is AWFUL, and I'm sorry you guys went through that, Julia. Sad when part of the holidays have to pass that way. I hope you were able to make up for lost time. Part of the fam had this the first part of the break but it seemed to pass quickly--2-3 days. Not me **sigh**.

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