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Monday, January 9, 2012

Running into Things

I just ran across this website.  I'm fascinated!

I started here.

I'm totally going to start my own project, and I'm thinking this being the beginning of the year is a perfect time to start.

Just the idea of her first commandment enthralls me.  After reading that post that I linked to, I can see that I frequently tell myself I'm something I'm not or put myself down because I'm not how I wish I was.  The sad thing about that is how often do I tell myself that I really have some great traits.

It's funny, when I get with my sister, I tell her how great she is--she is so organized and lives in a beautiful home.  She knows just the right things to say in any situation.  **sigh** I wish I was more like her.

But, then you get her side of things....She, looking from her eyes, is doing the same thing with me--I have no fear of speaking in public at the drop of a hat.  I am outgoing and open.  I'm not afraid to stand my ground.  She sighs and wishes she had these traits too.

We are two very different people.  I joke that if you were to put us together, you'd have the perfect person.

I need to somehow look at myself through my sister's eyes.  I need to remember that I am Julie.  Of course, I need to improve myself and take opportunities that come my way, but what's wrong with embracing me where I am now on this path and not trying to take such huge steps forward all the time.

It's kind of like buying clothes three sizes too small and putting them in your closet for the day when they'll fit.  Of course, when you buy them, you know that day will probably never come.  This is what I do with many things in life.  I think, sure I'll do that.  I'm going to suddenly grow the traits that'll make that a successful venture.  It'll be great.  Ha!  Yah right.

I'm excited to give this happiness project a go.

Let me know if you're in too.  It'd be fun to take this little journey together.

So far I've given this a quick perusal and read that first commandment--"Be Julie."  More to come as time allows--see, I've already come to understand this about myself--my time isn't always my own.  This cannot possibly be at the top of my priority list, but it will happen; it is important.

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