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Saturday, January 21, 2012

THE Dress

I have to find a dress for the American Mothers Gala in mid-February. This is what I wore last year:

I borrowed the dress from a good friend who has since moved away.  She kind of acted as my stylist, and it was super fun just being around her.

So, I'm in the market for a dress this year.  Here's what I found online today:

I LOVE this dress!  I think it would be perfect, but alas, they are all sold out online and in the store.  I found a few others but am struggling to know what to do.

Have any advice for me?  This is the only time of year when I dress up, so it's not like I want to spend a bundle, but if you know of a good place to get a dress, I'd love to hear it.

1 comment:

Matt Gold said...

Major bummer that dress is sold out. It is adorable! Hmmmm....if I think of any places to look I'll let you know. You'd probably fit into my wedding dress. Just a thought. Ha!

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