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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yep, We've Resorted to That

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Okay, so yah, I did just get our pumpkins last night--at the grocery store, and no, my kids aren't completely solid on what they're wearing on Wednesday night. I'm SUPER lame at holidays and becoming lamer every year. What's wrong with me?

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I have a friend whose home looks absolutely GORGEOUS every holiday. It's always so fun and festive at her house. Why can't I jump on that bandwagon? Heaven knows I want to, I just can't seem to get a leg up.

I am, however, a really good pumpkin carver, and that will happen at our house tomorrow night as part of Family Home Evening.

We used to go to a really great pumpkin patch, but last year, when I told the kids we were going, they groaned. Ugh! What?! I need to leave the Grinches at home and take the little ones, but it looks like that'll be next year's fun. For this year, it's the grocery store. Really. Eight cents a pound. How could I say no to that.

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#7's going to be a "kitty cat." We have that costume already in our dress up box. YAY for simplicity. We're trying to get her just to say "cat" since her "k"s are all "t"s at this point in her language development. YIKES! #6, last I heard, wanted to be a "karate guy"--also in the dress up box. His mind keeps changing, though, so we shall see. I'm really pretty good at last minute costumes. #5 has visions of becoming Captain America. We went to Target to find a costume, but there wasn't one to be found. Do you think I can pull that one off before Wednesday? We shall see.

You know, it's funny. It used to be that my oldest kids had homemade costumes every year. There were three times I year when I really sewed--Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. I've become lamer as time's gone on. Help! How do I pull myself out of this? My younger kids deserve that mom too. I want to be her again.


Lena Baron said...

When I feel like this, I just have to hope that Father sent the right kid, in the right order, to handle the mom they get at that time. You have a lot more wisdom in this then me. But sometimes this helps me get through my guilty mom moments. Good Luck!

LeAnn said...

I am afraid that I was a lame mom when it came to Halloween. I usually did a little decorating; but when it came to costumes they were not all that great. Store bought ones were not that great. Now they are better and less expensive.I do find it interesting that my daughters now make the costumes; they didn't learn that from me.
Blessings to you and enjoy the moments they do grow up fast.

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