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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oh how I HATE being sick, but who doesn't, huh?

I really felt fine when I woke up this morning. I've gotten so I wake up at 4:30 when my first alarm goes off, and I climb back into bed for half an hour just to lay there an meditate until the next alarm goes off. I have my cell phone set across the room, so I have to get out of bed to get it. It sings the song from Nacho Libre--"I am singing at the party....."

So, I got up at 5, and went to my little corner of the world. I read Alma 59 this morning. I'm trying to take personal notes on each verse--how does this relate to me and my world? It's helped a lot. My enthusiasm for this time of the morning has increased hugely since I started doing this. I look forward to it when I go to bed at night.

Last night, before going to bed, #4, who had come home from school very quietly saying his stomach was hurting him and that he had "nasty burps," was in the bathroom throwing up. Ugh! He and I were the only ones in the family not to get the creeping crud. Everyone else had spent multiple days down and out with this illness.

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I was feeling rather smug last night that I had survived the onslaught. I was the only victorious one. I had done it! HaHaHaHaHa! Yah, right.

I got up, after my time alone, to get ready for the day, laid down on the bed for just a few minutes to talk to the Warden about the day, and UGH! My stomach started hurting like crazy....no warning.

Here's the deal....I'm supposed to be teaching preschool on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Oh, how I hate that I'm leaving the teacher in the lurch. It's the worst feeling in the world. I laid here and battled with myself. I mean, I haven't actually thrown up yet. The sick feelings aren't persistent--they're just kind of wave-like at this point. I could still go. But....I, having seen how my kids have dealt with it, know how this one works. It starts with the stomach, goes to your lower intestines (if you know what I mean) and then the upper (again, I'm sure you get my drift). I illustrate like this because in the past three days, one of my children's favorite topics of conversation with me has been various graphic experiences with illness. ICK! I won't do that to you.

Here's the next problem....I have seen my children deal with this illness for three days in a row. It has taken each of them that amount that long to get back on their feet and feeling better. How can I possibly miss one more day of preschool? Maybe if I lay in bed and get it all out of my system today I'll be up and at 'em again by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Oh, how I hate being sick! How do working moms do this?

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Deena said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that you managed to come down with the creeping crud too! You were so vibrant and spunky last night, too! It makes me sad to think of you in discomfort at home this morning. feel better soon, Julie! Thinking of you!

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