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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time for a Change?

A number of months ago now, I was invited to have my blog listed on a website. I felt honored but that I fell short of what was required of those listed there. They seemed to be all very serious business people. I'm an at-home mom and very happily so, but I have also, since, become a freelance writer. At first, I kind of felt like I would let down those in charge because I didn't really fit the description this list seemed to carry. I wondered how long I would last on the list.

Today I received an interesting message.....

"I haven't added your blog yet because I've had some concerns about the inmate theme....and I wondered if you might consider any changes so that it will be more reflective of the good that we're trying to do...."

I, first of all, want to state that this did not offend me in the slightest. I appreciate people's opinions and figure this person's intent was to help me be more successful. I share this here because I'd love to have your opinion on this matter as well.

As time has gone on, I've altered my blog more and more. At one point, my music and background reflected the madhouse theme. My children were all "inmates"--like those you might find in a madhouse--but that has changed as they've become known by the number they rank in the family. It was just easier.

Someone once told me that they thought it was rude that I referred to my children as numbers--such a Captain von Trapp kind of thing to do. You can't please everyone, and it's funny what people assume when they don't know you and only know you by what you write. I refer to my children as numbers only for the blog's sake and for their anonymity. If you knew me, you'd know that.

If the "good" I do is somehow tarnished by what I call my family members, then it's time to make another change. Do you agree?

As you will see on the left side, I have changed my husband from being "The Warden" and myself from being the "chief inmate"--something my husband refers to me as often. Many friends have called our home and heard "Hesses Madhouse" instead of "hello" as the greeting. If they've asked for me, my husband will then ask, "Oh, you want to speak with the chief inmate? Let me get her for you." This was even before this blog was created. It just seemed to figure into the plan and theme of the blog.

Just a silly side note:  If you don't get "Hesses Madhouse" when you call, the other common greeting is, "Chico's Bar and Grill," and if you ask for me, my husband will say, "Hey Woah-man, quit cooking them there burritos and come talk to this person." It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is, I'm always cooking burritos. It's thrown off many a caller. I frequently am greeted with an apology for interrupting my cooking after I've said hello even at 10:00 at night. What can I say, I like burritos, or at least, I guess I like to make them.

I guess what this comes down to is that I would love to hear your ideas and opinions. Leave it all alone? Change it slightly? Change it completely? Maybe you don't care, and that's okay to say too. Please take a moment to comment, would you please?

Thanks! More than anything else, thanks for reading even though we're inmates and wardens and just plain MAD.


vaxhacker said...

"Mad, they called me! MAD! Bwahahahahaha...."


First impressions can be tricky, it's true, and I suppose someone could come away with a bad assumption about you based on the "madhouse" theme. It's weird, because knowing you and The War--er, I mean The Big Guy as good friends, and being around your family all this time, it's hard not to instinctively know it's all in fun. I don't know many people's homes where I would feel as instantly relaxed or would have utterly no qualms with my kids being there under your care as is the case in yours.

On the numbering thing, you could just claim it's Asian cultural tradition, I guess. I don't know if the Japanese do, but in Chinese culture, the words you use for your kids are (translating literally here) "eldest", "number 2", "number 3", "number 4", ... "youngest".

I think it's awesome your blog is getting more coverage and notoriety, but I wouldn't change the fundamental personality of what you're doing. Little adjustments like the inmate thing, though, isn't too big of a deal.

I'd say just keep evolving the blog to reflect how you want to express yourself, and you'll attract the audience who'll appreciate your message.

Patrick and Paige said...

Coming from a family with LOTS OF KIDS..(youngest of 7 kiddos) I love the madhouse theme. It is so fitting and our house felt like that a lot of days. I think it is fun and silly. I do agree that people who don't know you might not get it, but i also think that it is your blog and whatever you do with your blog is your business. There! Take my 2 cents or leave them for someone else to find:) Love ya julie!

Tonya said...

My opinion: It's your blog. People can take it or leave it. Why is it so special to get your blog put on a list anyways? This is for you and your loyal fans. I say change it only if you feel like you should. But don't change it to please somebody you don't even know. Geesh. I like the madhouse theme. It's funny and quirky and I don;t see how somebody could not get the humor in it. It's not like your some crazy psychopath lady. I guess we could debate that! I love you, Julie!

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