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Monday, July 16, 2012

It's High Time

As you can see from this picture....

the time has come to do something.

It's funny how I don't notice by just looking at myself in a mirror. It takes a photo to make it real.

I had so much success with weight loss four years ago--before I got pregnant with #7. I really want to do it again, but I don't want to do the new system. I had lost enough after having #7, that I was content and just left the program when it changed.

So, tonight is my last night to not count points. I have found a few resources to do the old school program online. If you're at all interested in joining me, here's a list for you:

  • A list of five resources from Roni
  • onemorepound.com. I found this one tonight. I'm excited to use it.
  • Dottie's was a site I used A LOT when I was going through this the first time. It was especially great when we'd go out to eat.
  • Wendie's is another site I've just run across. Love it!
  • I also used this site to figure out where to begin
There you go. So, I ended up with some amazing strawberry rhubarb crisp and vanilla ice cream--a nice way to go out. Thanks Kim!

Tomorrow the  fun begins. According to what I figured out with Wendie's site, I'm going to be eating 26 points. I used to like it when I figured out all of the food I would eat the next day before I went to bed at night. For tonight, I'm just heading to bed. I've got kids to get to Cub Scout day camp and EFY in the morning, so I'll do all of that figuring at some point tomorrow.


James and Angela said...

Are you doing weight watchers? My sister lost quite a bit of weight on weight watchers and now she's training for a marathon. She's already running 5K every day.

Julie said...

Yes. That's so great about your sister. That gives me further encouragement!

lia london, author and writing coach said...

Of course, this is where I say that I WISH I WERE AS THIN AS YOU ARE!!! I think you're beautiful. If you're losing for health's sake and to feel better, go for it. If it's for aesthetics, you're already lovely.

Julie said...

Thank you Lia. Yes, it is a vanity thing. I will fully admit that. Health does play in, but more than that, it's a mental health thing. Being the correct weight effects my self-esteem hugely. Just to know I can conquer that in myself makes me look at life differently.

Kimberly said...

Glad you liked the crisp!

And I'm jumping on this weight loss bandwagon too... I just wish I knew a healthier way to use all the rhubarb in my garden... :)

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