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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second Day

Knowing that twenty-two points lay ahead today, I tried to go super easy on breakfast, but one of the kids wanted bacon. UGH!!!! NOT BACON! I have two weaknesses in this world....cheese and BACON!

I sauteed some zucchini and yellow squash in 1 tablespoon of butter--one point. And yes, believe it or not, there was a piece of bacon left over from that I made for the kids, so I ate it. I mean, I couldn't just leave it there. Consider it a service I was providing, but regardless, it still cost me.

I had some bananas that were getting a bit overly ripe on the counter, so you know what that means, and you can't bake banana bread without having a piece, so I had a small piece. That was five lousy points. I mean delicious points, but lousy in the way that that's five points gone.

At lunch, I had chicken nachos, blueberries, salad and one large, amazingly sweet strawberry. I also drank a chocolate milk. I'm not even sure how many points that is, and it may have sucked up every remaining point I had with that, but since I don't know the point value, I'm estimating and leaving myself four points for dinner.

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At this point, I've drunk seven of my sixteen glasses of water.

A friend is coming over early this evening to do our kickboxing workout with #1 and me, only she suggested we do it on the trampoline. YES! This is going to be SO FUN! I figure yesterday I got a medium-intensity workout. I'm wondering if I can pick it up a little bit and really concentrate on working hard, so I get three more points instead of just one.

I noticed that onemorepound.com has recipes with good point values, so I may go there to figure out what to do for dinner.

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Kimberly said...

After at least a month, I'm finally getting caught up on my blogs.

I totally intend to come workout on the trampoline with you! With #1 being at my house, I had just assumed that it wasn't going to happen. Shoulda checked in with you!

But seriously...let's do it!

P.S. I think you are the best!

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