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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finishing off the Day

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Dinner tonight was turkey kielbasa, rice and broccoli. I put a little bit of beef boullion in the rice and the broccoli was the Green Giant brand with the cheese sauce in it. The broccoli was only one point per serving. The rice was four points for 1/4 cup, so I went fairly easy on the rice. The kielbasa was only two points per serving (1/7 of it). Anyway, I just stirred these ingredients together. We also, last minute, found a number of zucchini and yellow squashes ready to be eaten in our garden, so those were sauteed in a small amount of butter and served as well. They were really good stirred in with the rest.

Everybody else had bread and butter. I passed because I also ate a very small piece of strawberry rhubarb crisp with about a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream on top. YUM! I just couldn't resist, but that's the joy of the points....you just serve yourself a smaller portion.

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So, I went over in my points by one, but #1 and I did a kickboxing workout in on our back deck after dinner. We did "10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp" on Netflix. There are five different workouts. We did three of them--basic, fat burner and abs.

I've drunk twelve glasses of water at this point. Do I dare drink four more? If so, I'd better down them all rather soon.

I've had my veggies and fruits and met my points as well as ate my exercise point. It kind of irks me that I can work out like crazy but still only get one point. Ah well. If I'd worked a bit harder, I'd have gotten three, but I was unfamiliar with the workout. I will definitely do these again. They were very doable, and I tend to be on the less-coordinated side of things, so that's saying something.

All in all, it's been a good day. Tomorrow will be 22 points. Yikes! I felt spoiled with my 27 today. That's okay. If I exercise more and harder, I can work it up to more points and get to enjoy a little extra.
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