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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not Again!

Okay, confession to make....

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I'm kind of getting on my minimalist kick again. What is up with that?

I got to looking through a list of some great minimalist bloggers and found at least two of them who have large families.

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Could it be that we, who have large families, are just surrounded by too much stuff and therefore, want some order and peace? Umm...Yup. I think that's very possible. So, I'm starting to think that my overwhelming desire to hike through the world with nothing but my backpack on my back, completely unfettered, might just be one of those grass being green on the other side of the fence-type things and not a quirky, neurotic dream. You know, you always want what you don't got.

Stuff also requires maintenance. I would rather maintain my relationships than my stuff. After all, I'm not taking the stuff with me when I die. No, this is not an announcement or a prediction or anything of the sort. Just an off-the-cuff statement.

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Although, along the lines of death, would it be too terribly morbid of me to write a post on what I want for my funeral? I've been thinking of doing this for a long time. Part of the reason is that before my mom died, the topic of death was completely taboo, and we just had to guess at what she would have wanted.

The truth of the matter is, you never know when you're going to go, and I don't want to keep anyone guessing.

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Maybe all this talk is because it's pioneer season in Mormon-ville (July 24th is when the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley), and we're singing a lot of dirge-ish versions of the fourth verse of "Come, Come Ye Saints." That'll get to you, I tell you. Ugh! The song directs--"with conviction." It is not a death march. Yet every year, it's the same thing. That moan you hear, when the introduction is played, is me. Sorry. I dread it more than words can say. "Happy day. All is well." Yah, right. I don't believe you.

....Okay, enough of that soap box....

So, who knows where this minimalism thing'll go this time. Time will tell.

I've written about ten posts in the last three days. Have I posted any of them? Umm, no. Why? I don't know. I wrote a pretty good parenting one today, but I can't figure out how to end it well. Do I post it unended? I just can't bring myself to do that. Maybe this week I'll spend some time going back to unpublished posts and get them wrapped up and online.

This week will be back to life as normal. No Cub Scout day camp. No E.F.Y. Just cross country and soccer practices--life as usual.

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I'm still working on counting points. Did really well today. I've cut back my water to a normal amount and so far so good. No symptoms of anything, so maybe I washed it all out. I have to share, though that maybe a slight reason for cutting back has to do with the fact that the neighboring water district has problems with e coli to the point that people are having to boil their water before they use it. It's not our water district; the website says we're all good, but still....

cherry blossoms pressed in my journal
I'm typing up my mission blog diligently. I'm up to 39 posts, and I'm not even halfway done with the MTC yet. Hmm.... maybe this writing thing has been big in my brain for a very long time. I didn't even have a clue. I'm excited to start scanning photos and getting them on board too. It's a fun project. I highly recommend it to anyone who might have old hand-written journals and printed photos laying around.

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Other than that....planning the trip to taking the oldest to college. Yikes! Meeting what I think are complete strangers while out driving on the road only to find that we're not strangers at all--long, funny story. And, a ton of recurring themes that I KNOW I will eventually HAVE to blog about.

All in all, life is good.
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Kimberly said...

I literally laughed out loud reading this post. Sean and I were talking today about how the "conviction" songs, without fail, always sounds like death matches. Ugh.

My mom had told us all what she wants for her funeral. Totally not morbid. You just care enough about those around you that you want to save them some misery in a time of misery :)

Jo Tapasa said...

Are you plugged into my brain.... or what?!? The hymn, the minimalistic desire and planning for the inevitable have all been on my mind. On the last topic, I recommend making the plan in writing and putting it in a folder and then informing your family members of where said folder is located. Having gone through "end of life" decisions with my mom by marriage, my own parents saw the our struggles and gave us children the gift of taking care of things (which include DNR type decisions in writing). Good luck with it all.

Tonya said...

I totally know how I want my funeral. And Matt is well aware...just in case. And just in case we both go at the same time, here's my plan, so execute it well my friend:

So, now I guess you're in charge of our funeral. Hmmm, funny how that happened:)

A nacho bar. Just like we had at our reception. No funeral potatoes or ham. Just nachos.

And a chocolate fountain. And I want my casket sprinkled with hershey's kisses, and a bottle of hershey's syrup in my hand.

No sadness. Just a party.

Oh, and I really don't care about a fancy casket either. Just a pine box is good.

Well, I think that's it:)

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