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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Year of the Upward Spiral

 Back in January, I declared 2012 the year of the "upward spiral."  I'm trying to focus my life on things that will bring positive change, and I'm working hard not to sabotage my own growth.  I just ran across this quote that struck a chord with me....

"Salvation is an eternal goal we gain by a process of  
constant upward change.  
Doubt is spiritual poison  
that stunts eternal growth. 
We must first feel our way before we can see it with any clarity. 
We prove ourselves 
by making numerous correct decisions 
without being absolutely sure; 
then comes a greater knowledge and assurance,  
not before. 
Happiness is created. 
 Love is its center
Its principal ingredients are 
sincere faith
true repentance
full obedience
and selfless service."

~Richard G. Scott, "Happiness Now and Forever", Ensign, Nov. 1979

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