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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hard Times - Be Ready for Some Whining

I'm having a tough go right now. I'm kind of keeping it to myself, but I have to get a job. I have to.

Increased car insurance with a new driver in the house and another one soon to come, which will increase it further. With the stolen purse issues, we've had to add some identity theft security to our lives as well which costs additional money each month--money that we didn't have before. I wish we didn't have to, but without it, there could be some really uglier, nastier things in the future. Wish I had a crystal ball right about now--don't we all?

School administrators have been on pay freezes for awhile. There is no raise year after year, and there are furlough days that he doesn't get paid for, so just like everyone else, the economy makes life tricky for our family too. Prices of things go up, but the dollars entering the home stay the same.

I'm really struggling with this. I want to do something that I can do at home. I applied for a job the other day that I'd really love to have. I think it'd be perfect, but we'll see how things go. Pray that I get it, will you please?

We're just trying to do the right things in hopes of receiving blessings for doing so. He's never let us down before.


Jill said...

Hang in there Julie. You are not forgotten. The Lord is very mindful of you and your trials. Moving forward, doing what you feel the spirit is directing you to do will prove tp be a miracle in the end. I feel very confident telling you this because it has proven itself time and time again in our lives.

Alyson said...

I cant even count the number of times I have despaired and thought, "I have to get a job..." The only pay change we've had in the last 8 years was when B was laid off of his old job (Feb 2010) and then, 3 months later, hired somewhere else at 2/3 of the prior salary (which was already not sufficient). We were promised a raise as soon as it was feasible. Here we are two months later, and I guess it still isn't. My heart and my prayers are with you, I sincerely hope you find what you need.

Alyson said...

(Whoops I meant two years later it still "isn't feasible".)

Jef said...


I posted this to my mission Facebook page ... read your post and thought maybe it might work for you.

"My sister-in-law works for the More Good Foundation, a church website maker, and her boss, Karen, is looking for Japanese speakers to write gospel-based articles or translate existing articles. Here is what my sister-in-law sent me.

"She is looking for people both to write original content and to translate previously written articles from English to Japanese. If they can do one or the other, that is fine. She said it is rare to find someone who can do both. Writing experience is ideal, but not essential. She is hesitant to discuss salary until she meets the person, but if anyone is interested enough to contact her, she could give them more information. Again, native speakers are essential with a strong gospel base. She prefers they actually be in Asia, but if they are in the States, that could work, too. She's anticipating the workload to be 10 to 20 hours a week.

Again, if anyone is interested, they should email her at:

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