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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The last talk at General Conference ended with the encouragement to be positive about life. This morning, as I opened the scriptures, the first thing I read was 2 Nephi 8--talking about looking to God in all the ups and downs of life. I went to Facebook and found a comment from a friend in regard to last night's post about March being so "hideously bad." He shared that he and his wife and the Warden and I had gone to dinner twice and to a broadway show in March.

Wow! Yah! March was a ridiculously GOOD month. Isn't it amazing how good life is--even in the hard times.

Even my hard times weren't that hard when I look back. I learned A TON from them.

I'm grateful for a stolen purse, a dead dishwasher and some difficult challenges with a child. I'm grateful for what these experiences have taught me and how they've helped me grow.

I'm grateful for good friends who have been and continue to be tender mercies in my life.

I'm grateful for a life full of variety. It's definitely not boring.

I'm grateful that God is aware of me. I'm so glad to be able to look back and see that He didn't leave me comfortless.

Yes, March was a VERY good month.

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