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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cry Baby

Ugh!  Today was one of those tip-the-scale kinds of days.  You know, the kind where if someone looks at you wrong--in a good way or a bad way--the feelings in your heart come leaking out of your eyes.  That's how church started out.

It started with the musical number in sacrament meeting.  The Elders Quorum (the men's group) got up and sang "Called to Serve."  In case you aren't familiar with this song, here it is for you....

I was impressed with the men standing in front of the congregation.  Some of them knew this song inside, outside and upside down--in Chinese, in Afrikaans, in Portuguese, in Spanish.  It's sung frequently when groups of missionaries get together.

Some of the men sang without books, some sang with books but never even looked at them (used them as a security blanket of sorts, I guess).  Some of them clung to them and intently followed each word.

I was impressed that no matter where these men were in their understanding of the significance of this song, there they were standing in front of us singing their hearts out.

"Onward.  Ever onward.  As we glory in His name."

I became grateful for missionaries who taught my grandparents and my mom.  I became very aware of how some of these men singing had been those who had taught some such as my family and how some had been taught.

I was also acutely aware of the fact that it's almost like missionaries are hand-picked for those who learn from them.  At least that was the case in my family.

My dad shared with me that it was the humor and a practical joke that one of  the missionaries pulled on my grandfather that helped him join the church.  It changed my family's life.  How would that missionary have known that unless he was inspired of God?

As I have come to understand more of my grandfather's story and the very difficult times he endured in his teen years, I now know the significance of some very directed missionaries.  I believe my grandfather's understanding of the gospel helped him to be able to forgive what may have seemed unforgivable before.  It was the catalyst for healing.  That healing benefited my grandfather's family, my dad's family, and now my family.

I am grateful for inspired and dedicated missionaries!

"God our strength will be.  Press forward ever.  Called to serve our King."

Thank you for your song today, gentlemen.  You touched my heart.


Janiece said...

love that song.

Kati said...

Julie, Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing that post today. Levi has been gone for about 12 weeks now and I miss him so much that I ache! Hearing you share your love and thanks for the missionaries and their sacrifice was just what I needed to hear! You words always inspire me and today they are an answer to my prayers :)

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