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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Check it out!  I made this today.  Yesterday's bread turned out okay, but I inadvertently turned what should have been one loaf into two, so they were two small loaves.

Here's the recipe for today's bread.  I made a white loaf, and then I made two wheat loaves in my bread maker with a different recipe.

On yesterday's post when I said I hadn't made bread in a long time, I guess that's not exactly true.  I make cinnamon rolls, etc., but I always cheat and use my bread machine to make the dough.  Today and yesterday, I decided to make it completely by hand.

If you decide to use this recipe, just make sure you throw a cup of warm water in with your packet of yeast first and let it sit after you stir it together for about 15 minutes or so.  This activates the yeast.  The recipe says to follow the directions on the yeast packet, but mine didn't say anything, so I just used the cup of water and a packet of yeast, and it worked great.

I swear, there's nothing like a fresh, warm piece of homemade bread.  YUM!

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James and Angela said...

That loaf of bread looks delicious! I have some great memories of my mother making bread. My favorite memories are when my mom would make bread in the evening. After baths and before bedtime, all of us kids would sit around the table while she would cut us a hot, fresh
slice. YUM!

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