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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spokane, Anyone?

I woke this morning and checked Facebook. Who should be sitting there staring back at me but my. Great grandmother. I didn't post her picture last night.

It was the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum--one of the reasons for last year's trip. Here's what they had to say about her:

"Who is this woman?
She is Matilda Greenfield Johnson Stegner Narup.
Born in 1861, Matilda ran the only store on Trent, between Spokane Bridge and Spokane Falls. After her first husband J.A. Stegner died, she recieved insurance money which she used to buy 160 acres of land, which is now Pinecroft (on the East side of Pines, across from Trent Elementary). She married J.A. Narup in 1897. Matilda ran the Post Office. She owned land from Trent River Bridge to the Paper Mill.
She is featured in the Museum's new exhibit 'Electrifying the Modern Woman'.
So next time you're driving on Trent by Pines and pass Stegner Rd., you'll know why it's named so!"

I'm thinking that Spokane may just be calling my name again.

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Jenn Engler said...

OK! Lets go!!!

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