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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes Things Just Grab You and Won't Let You Go, You Know?

Awhile back, I was invited to co-write a blog with a friend. I write every other week. Right now, we're reading the same book and taking turns sharing our feelings about the chapters we read.

There are times when a topic really grabs me. This past week was one of those. I've started doing what I wrote about, and it's amazing how my list is growing.

The other topic that grabbed me was this one. I'm surprised about how much it's still on my mind, and I'm still trying to live it everyday.

There are things in life that seem to be pieces to a much bigger puzzle--things that you learn piece by piece. A good friend was asked to speak in church yesterday, and as she did so, it seemed like this enormous puzzle piece--one that put all of the others in order--was revealed. It was amazing.

I guess what made it super amazing to me was the fact that this woman's only been a member of the church for a few years. It was so full of truth and wisdom. I'm sure I sat there with my mouth wide open in awe.

I asked if she would send me her notes, and she did. It was just one of those things where I've been having all these things come together but haven't known how to get them into words. She said exactly the things that brought all of those thoughts together. I'm so excited to write about it and attempt to get all the pieces in place. Thanks so much, Christine!


LeAnn said...

I will look forward to your post on the talk. I know what you mean when the light comes on and you just know that it all fits together.

Tonya said...

Christine's talk amazed me as well!

She did a fantastic job and the spirit was strong.

I know exactly what you mean about life's pieces filling up a much bigger puzzle. As you know my life is a lot like that right now:)

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