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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Menu Plan #3

HaHa!  I don't know if I ever posted about menu plan #2, but it happened (I'll make sure to finish it and post it later--it's been a busy week).  This past week's menu plan was great.  The only snag was that the the Warden LOVES to cook, and I had to encourage him a couple times to step back and let the kids suffer through it a little bit.

#1 even went out of town this week, but she got her food (sweet and sour meatballs) put in the crockpot on Thursday night and got the rice done in the rice cooker, so it could all cook on Friday and be ready for the rest of us Friday night.  Kind of a nice little dealio.

Here's the plan for the upcoming week....

Saturday (today):
#2 wanted to make Polish hot dogs (like Costco has) and salad.  I told him he couldn't cheat and just buy them at Costco.  He had to make them.  Mean, huh?  I figure he's got Saturday, and this is all about learning to prepare food, so for now, I'm not letting them take the easy way out, which would be especially easy to do on Saturday.

Tonight, however, was the Blue and Gold Banquet at the church.  We weren't sure we were going to attend because #5, currently our only Cub Scout, has such terrible asthma right now that we thought it might be better to keep him home.  He's one step away from being the hospital from what I'm seeing.  We've increased his meds to full capacity, so we'll see where this goes.  It's been more than a month since we've been using his inhalers.  We've never had to use them that long except for the year of H1N1 when he was in the hospital (twice).  #5 slept nearly all day today so that he could go.  We allowed him to attend with the promise that he'd just be mellow during the entire activity.

Because of the Blue and Gold, #2 got off scot-free.  I figure he'll end up doing lunch tomorrow or something.

Lunch - the Warden's chicken fettuccine alfredo will be preempted by #2's Polish dogs and salad.

Dinner - I'm going to make black bean and salsa chicken (from our ward cookbook), or maybe, if I'm lucky, the man who loves to cook so much will preempt my chicken with his fettuccine.

#4's making tacos.

#6 is creating a baked potato bar, or really baked potatoes (prepared in the crockpot--p. 16 in the Madhouse cookbook) topped with sour cream, cheese and ham, since those were the only toppings I could get him to approve.  Oh, and we're having baby carrots on the side.

#5 has decided to make Swedish meatballs on mashed potatoes with salad on the side.

#3 is going to make a chicken broccoli ring.  This is a favorite at our house, and is often served for birthdays.

#1 decided to make Mexico Pronto (p. 26 of the Madhouse cookbook).

There you go.  The past two Saturdays I've just taken one child with me to shop.  I look forward to going with the whole crew again.  Next week, that'll be the goal.

Totally LOVING this!  I wonder what my kids'd say if you asked them how they feel about it.  Hmm....

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