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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Interview

Someone inquired as to how the interview went on Saturday. I'm really not sure how much I should reveal on this topic, but I've decided I'm just going to let it all hang out like I usually try to do.

The Mother of the Year interview was actually really fun. I enjoyed the people I interviewed with. There were three of them, and I was already acquainted with two of the three. The third guy I liked from the moment I met him, so it was just like sitting there answering questions. Each asked me two questions and then I was allowed one minute to sum up my feelings on whatever I wanted to. 

Here's where the honesty comes in.  Please don't think I'm talking myself down because this is just me being honest.  I'm a good mom, but when it comes to this competition, I'm completely out of my league. You recall that I was nominated for Young Mother. Well, becoming a nominee for Mother is a different ballgame in a few ways.  One in particular is that you have to prove that you are helping your children succeed as they become adults and go out on their own. I don't have this factor in my life. I can't prove something I'm not doing yet. Not only that, but as far as motherhood goes, compared to these amazing four women, I'm a newcomer to motherhood.  I think most of them have been a mother for at least ten years longer than I have.

I have a hunch who's going to win, or at least who'd get my vote.  Of the women that I know (of the four) they are all FABULOUS, and I'd love to follow them each around just for one day to learn from their experiences and what they do on a daily basis.  I'm thrilled to get to rub shoulders with women such as these.

So, as I drove out to the interview, I was completely relaxed.  It was a nice place to be.  I think if I'd really thought I had a chance, I'd have been nervous as all get out. The Warden asked me if I didn't think I could win why was I going? I figure everything's good experience, and what do I have to lose, really? It's all been a very fun and educational ride.

I plan to continue participating in the activities and meetings of American Mothers, Inc. It's a great group, and I think if you haven't, you should check it out.

The Gala is the 17th.  I'm jazzed to wear my new dress, shoes, earrings and necklace and have a reason to dress up and celebrate motherhood. It will be good to be with my dad and his wife, my parents-by-marriage and others. I love that there is absolutely no pressure. I'm going to go and enjoy myself.

When the Gala is over, I wonder what life will bring next. School's out and the Mother of the Year stuff will be past. I'm looking forward to whatever lies ahead.

Life is good!

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Grace said...

i think i told you that i belonged to young mothers a one time in my life...it's a great group. life got kind of crazy though and i didn't follow through and join mother's of oregon.
i am glad there are groups like this that show support to Moms. so good!

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