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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goals: Love #3

This is number three. My mom has two and a half hours to herself this morning. This a luxury that she hasn't been able to enjoy for EIGHT years.
This morning she told me that one of the best things about school was that her days weren't wasting away to nothing. She always had a goal and a deadline, and therefore something to works towards. Now that she is done with school, thankfully,  she feels that her days are wasting to nothing because she has no more deadlines.
Her two and a half hours this morning are going to be used for her own use. All of the older kids are at school, and 7 is with our good friend, Megan. This is one of the first times she has been alone without school in a LONG time. This is something she looked forward to, the feeling of freedom of school, and time to just get back to being just a mother, not a student too.
I can't say that we kids have enjoyed the 8 years of our mothers schooling. She was always on her bed writing or sending or studying. Thankfully, she ALWAYS had time for all of the seven of us.

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