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Monday, January 14, 2013

End of the Day Wrap Up

We arrived at the  high school to pick up #3. As she got in the car, I asked her how her head was. Her response: "Good-ish."

What? Good-ish? I thought she was dying. Every text she sent talked about excruciating pain and how awful it was and had been. And here she was telling me it was "good-ish?!"

We chatted in the car on the way to taking #1 to work. I think she arrived exactly on time, by the way, but had called her manager to tell him she'd be late anyway because traffic wasn't looking too good. #3 shared the circumstances of the headache and asked if we really had to go to the doctor. I told her that if she wanted to cancel it, I'd be okay with it. She got on the phone and did it.

We also had a little chat about the choice of words one uses to describe things. My kids, as a rule, don't complain about health issues very often--if ever. So, when they do, I sit up and take note usually. This was one of those occasions. I'm glad to know that she wasn't in as bad of shape as she sounded. I was also relieved to have that removed from my list of things to do. I think what she really had was what I get on the day after a migraine--kind of a halo effect. At one point during the day, when she texted me, a teacher had just blown a whistle. The sound made her head hurt once again, so she was describing an isolated incident, I guess.

We got to the grocery store, finally! The funny thing was, with the new way I grocery shop now, #3 could pick up exactly what we needed without any list at all. As we would walk down an aisle, she'd say, "Okay, first we get cream cheese, then we get cheddar cheese. Now string cheese...." And it would go on like that. It made me feel happy that there is someone else in our house who could get the grocery shopping done if I wasn't around.

The Warden and I have been discussing our car situation quite a bit today. There may be at least a short-term solution in the works, so we can hopefully return our rental car soon. We'll see what the insurance company says tomorrow.

So, all in all, things were not as stressful as I had originally anticipated. For that, I'm grateful. Things seem to be falling into place.

On top of it all, #2 won his basketball game tonight--it was a close one, and #1 has two more shifts at work added on for this week. Yay!

So glad to end the day on a good note. Also glad to know that things really do turn out for the best.

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