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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Breakfast, Anyone?

Tonight's dinner was a HUGE success. So much so that #7 was sitting at the other end of the table literally dancing, hands in the air. I used chicken breasts instead of thighs just because that's what I usually have on hand, and I didn't brown them but just threw them in frozen.

image: recipe4living.com
I'm super excited for tomorrow morning's breakfast. My good friend came over this evening, and as we sat here and chatted, I called the four oldest kids into the room. I put them all to work. One shredded cheese, one cut up bread, one beat eggs and added milk, salt, and pepper to it, and one cooked up sausage. They layered the ingredients, poured the egg and milk mixture over it all and got it all set to cook. Now, all it will take is for me to turn it on when I go to bed. It will be ready to eat when we wake up.

image: drzward.com
There are a number of things I'm really liking about this crockpot thing. First is that it's setting a pattern for me. My biggest problem has been that I wait until dinner time to start thinking about dinner. There are so many other things on my mind that I'm kind of taking things one at a time. It's just too late and too stressful to start thinking about what to eat when it's time to eat it, so this is making me have to think about it well in advance, and seriously, there is just this smug feeling of satisfaction knowing that I got it all together early on and that dinner will be ready when it's supposed to be. I LOVE that feeling. I hope that when all is said and done I'll at least have reworked my brain to consider dinner a bit earlier in the day.

image: dog4deeds.com
The second thing I'm loving about using my crockpot is that it makes me feel so organized. When the food is done and ready to be eaten, I have the time to set the table and call everyone to it. We all eat together and life is good. Before now, in the mornings, we'd all be running every which way. I knew we were at a low point when, early last week, #7 showed up at preschool with her "breakfast" which consisted of a plastic bag full of tortilla chips. She had gotten them all by herself. Ugh!

image: metroparent.com
I've said it before, and I'll say it again....I love the fact that I can throw a bunch of ingredients (I really only use the most common ingredients--things I already have on hand), in and have them cook themselves up. I've tried to find recipes that don't require a bunch of preparation--browning, frying, chopping, etc. I just like to throw frozen meat in, open some cans or a bottle and drop it on top and set the thing cooking. Yes, I guess you could say I'm one lazy cook.

Time to get the crockpot fired up for tomorrow morning. I can't wait to wake to the smell of sausages, eggs, and cheese all cooked together. Bring it on!

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