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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Week Ahead: Update on Day 3

MAJOR migraine day. This is not good news! So, you know all of that stuff? Well, I didn't get it done, but I did delegate some of it. Here's how it went down.....

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I got dressed but not in something that makes me feel great. I wasn't "regal" today. Darn! Those days are like one in a million, but when I succeed, I feel like I had great luck.
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I did have a cup of hot chocolate, but it was while I was running around helping everyone get ready to head out the door. I made this list before I left (and here's how I did)...
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  • Sit down with each kid and discuss goals for today. Nope. Thought about it, but didn't do it.
  • Check out the temple schedule and figure out a time to go this week. Discuss with the Warden. It's all set up. Now, we just need to get there.
  • Haul one box into the house and go through it. Nope. I made another step forward in organizing my bedroom closet, but that's about it. Pretty soon I'm going to run out of major places to organize, and those darned boxes'll be the only things left, and THEN I'll HAVE to do them. The Warden even got his garage places cleaned off, so all that's left out there are those boxes and the kids' dress up box that I took out of the toy closet.
  • Get to p. 108 in the emergency preparedness manual. There, that should be more do-able than yesterday's. Getting there.
  • Check out the dinner menu and get whatever's needed out to thaw. It's #5's night to cook. I got the chicken out to thaw in the morning, but by dinner time, we had to go get the car from the shop right at the wrong time. I had been trying to sleep off my migraine, so the Warden woke me to go get it. I'm kind of mad that the repair isn't being covered by warranty. It's not a wear and tear issue, and it's a common problem with the kind of van we have. I went and argued my case--in a very reasonable, unemotional way (just the facts). As we walked out, the Warden mentioned how he was so glad I went when I had a headache. Somehow he feels that that gives me a little more desire to stand my ground or something. Anyway, I'm pretty good and fighting my case and being reasonable about it. When we got home, the Warden and #5 made dinner together.
  • Create the agendas. Well, I'm down to one agenda, and I'm still not exactly sure where to go with it. 
Because of the headache, I texted my oldest kids on their way home and asked them to see if they'd do a to do list if I left them one and if they'd allow me to try to sleep this headache off. They agreed. I put #7 down for a nap right before they walked in. They divvied up the to do list--#3 read Harry Potter to #5 and #2 did all of the school stuff with #6. It was nice that they'd step in in a time like this.
I didn't do the quick clean-out of my freezer. Probably if I hadn't had a headache, this would have been a higher priority, but seriously, since I did it not long ago, I wasn't too worried about it.

Tomorrow, I'm home, so we'll see what tomorrow's challenge is. I had the chance to look ahead, but I decided that I like the daily surprise. Off to a good night's sleep and hoping for the best for tomorrow.

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