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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fighting Gravity...and Jowls

Because of the time change, my children are awake extra early this morning, so this post has been ended rather abruptly. I now have decided to just post it as it is, and I'll continue it later......

Let's begin with a side note because I have no access to Facebook:

We drove by a church yesterday as we were out running around. Their placard read:

"The worth of souls is great. Don't forget to vote." 

My daughter read it out loud as I drove. I laughed and then laughed harder when I realized that the first part of that is scripture. From a book of LDS scripture: Doctrine & Covenants 18:10. Sure, anyone can say "The worth of souls is great," but it just struck me as funny how it coincided, and it made me wonder how much exposure to LDS scripture the placard-putter-upper dude, or the pastor had had. Anyway, cute.

Okay, now to the topic at hand.....

Downward spiral. Does it seem to you too that everything in this world has a downward drag? The law of entropy is very much on my brain. Unless we have some influence on putting something into order, it's going to become more disorderly. Even when we try to bring some order to it, that order is temporary.

I, personally, am facing jowls. I would love to say I'm fighting them, but how can I, really? Here they are for your perusal:

my grandfather

my great grandmother
Can you see them? Yup...I'm fated to have them and am well on my way. This is the side of the family I seem to take after more than the other physically (my mom's side--the Stegner side). I posted my great-grandmother's picture on Facebook once, and I was surprised at how quickly someone commented that they could really see the resemblance. She has a sweet face, so I'm not sad....but those jowls. Ugh! Do they have to come with the sweet face?

It's all part of gravity. I'm pretty sure that if it weren't for gravity, those jowls would not exist. It's all part of walking this earth. It's the mark of being subject to gravity.

image: dreamstime.com
Does it seem to you that everything in life has a downward pull? I mean, yes, gravity is a given. It keeps our feet on the ground, and everything else, for that matter....if we don't insert our influence on it.

image: cleansmartsimple.blogspot.com
I was talking to one of my boys yesterday about how things don't go on the floor in our house. He didn't seem to get it, but it seems that so many things around here just get dropped or purposely put on the floor. Not so much by the bigger kids, but the little ones leave all kinds of things laying around. I think they give gravity too much respect.

When my room is clean, it's blissful, but when it's messy, it's usually because one person put one thing on the floor and then other items gravitate to it until it's a mess again. It's a never-ending battle. Gravity wins.

image: tntmagazine.in
If you think about the word "gravity," it's derived from the word "grave." Interesting..."grave" has a few different meanings as well. The two I'm thinking of seem to apply to what I'm talking about here very well--grave meaning the place where a dead body is placed to rest, and grave meaning very serious. This life brings us gravity; grave things to consider; and eventually, the grave.

Would it be going out on a limb to say that I'm fighting gravity--every definition of it--to the best of my ability?

To be continued.....

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