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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I'm Grateful For

The top three things I'm grateful for this morning....

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  1. Flexibility - I love that I can take what I'm not liking about life and turn and change it and do whatever I think might remedy the situation. I love that the kids are out of school and that if we want to drop everything and run to Ikea for a good ol' dose of Swedish meatballs, we can.
  2. Books - I'm a huge stickler, during the summertime, about
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    my kids having screens in front of their faces. It just REALLY bugs! We have so many months of rain here that for the kids to sit holed up in front of a screen just really seems like a slap in the face of sunshine. When it's so gorgeous outside, I believe that's where they need to be. I love, though, that their brains can be fed and they can escape to other places through good books. Those can be taken anywhere. I love reading to my kids right now. #7's really into fairy tales. Her favorites right now are Goldilocks and Cinderella. To be honest, I'm kind of getting tired of reading them, but at least she wants to be read to, so what's another 46 times, give or take? #6 is reading the Magic Treehouse books, but I don't feel like we've really come across what he LOVES to read. I hope we find it soon.
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  4. Prayer - I'm trying. I really am. These past few weeks have been tough ones. I'm not gonna lie. There is so much to do and so little motivation. The reason I undertook to write this list was that I'd hoped it would cheer me up a bit. I'm still waiting for it to do that. I'm trying to look at the bright side of life. I've been on my knees a lot lately without a lot of apparent answers. I know that I need to keep at it. For today, my goal is to keep a prayer of gratitude in my heart at all times. You know, my life isn't terrible. It's actually pretty darned sweet. It's just a few things that are bogging me down, and they're things I can totally control, but part of that control is the ability to look at them from a different, more positive, what-can-be-learned angle. That is my goal for today.

Today, there's a party to prepare for, we've got guests coming for the weekend, and I've got a walking relay to prepare for. I think I have a new walking buddy, so that should make this preparation a lot of fun.

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