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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life is Good

Like my new look? I thrive on change....Absolutely LOVE it. That's one thing I love about blogging--I can change the layout and look any time I want to. It's better than painting a room or rearranging furniture. It's just so great to have something different.

Three things I'm grateful for today....

That's him to my left.
We may have changed just a touch
since this photo was taken.

  1. Air flight - grateful that my brother and his family were able to arrive here safely this evening and that they are in my very house at this very moment.
  2. Grocery stores - seriously, could you imagine having to produce all the food you eat? No WAY! It's so great to be able to walk in, pick stuff up off the shelves and pay a few dollars for it rather than going out and milking the cow, sowing the seeds, etc.
  3. Inspiration - had a chat with three of my kids in regard to the use of their time. I love it when words come out that I haven't planned that end up teaching me some important lessons too.

It's been a good day, but tomorrow'll be an even better one. Tomorrow, #1's email will come in. I hope no one plans anything for 7:30 on Sunday nights for the next year and a half cuz I won't be there.

Potato salad's all ready for tomorrow night's family get-together (Did I ever tell you? I make one mean potato salad), and things are all set and ready for church.

My house is clean--yay for guests, and I'm feeling good!

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