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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Racing for the First Time

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I've never raced before....Ever. I was never really involved in sports as a kid except for one year on a volleyball team. Epic failure! I was "the most improved" player at the end of the season, but I think that was just given out of the kindness of the coach's heart. I was HIDEOUSLY terrible.

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I was much more into music. That was my thing--flute, piano, clarinet.... Learning to play the oboe continues to be on my bucket list.

I was also in a drama production of The Diary of Anne Frank and played Anne's mother. That was a BLAST! Yup. Drama and music are much more my thing.

So, tomorrow is my first race of my life. I will be on a walking team for the Portland-to-Coast relay. This weekend is the Hood-to-Coast for runners who run in teams. Each runner on a team runs three legs that vary from three miles to nearly eight miles. With the walkers and high school-aged runners, it's the Portland-to-Coast. We jump in on the Hood-to-Coast's leg #13. Walking teams only take two race legs per walker.

image: commons.wikimedia.org
I will be walking that first leg through the waterfront area of downtown. It's 7.31 miles. My second leg will be in the middle of the night and will be 3.75 miles.

I was given this opportunity by a friend about a month and a half ago, so the training began. I figure I've been walking most of my life, so we're good, right? Well, speed walking is a completely different ballgame.

The other day, I had the opportunity to go with the captain of our team and walk that first leg. It was pretty brutal as far as length goes, but it was nice and flat and very beautiful. I'm happy to know where I'm going.

image: flickriver.com
Now, on the middle of the night leg....Yikes! It's out in the middle of nowhere, but how lost can I get in 3.75 miles. Wait....Don't ask that. I'm figuring I could actually get pretty lost.

I'm so excited for this opportunity!

When we finished the practice leg on Monday, the moment I turned around after reaching the end, I felt lightheaded and within an hour I had a migraine. I know...wah, wah, wah! I'm hoping not to die after that first leg tomorrow. I'll have some time to recover and went out and purchased everything I could think of to get me up to speed again. I'm also hydrating like crazy today.

I ran into a friend at the high school that other day who had run the Hood-to-Coast before. She said to just take regular food along like I'd normally eat, so I did. Actually, you wouldn't believe the feast I've packed for myself.

image: flickcast.com
At the sporting goods store yesterday, I was talking to the cashier as I was buying a pair of sunglasses. She advised me to take along Skittles or Sour Patch Kids to help keep my mouth hydrated during the race, so I decided to take the "kids" along.

Four of my kids claimed the colors as theirs, so as I eat them, as I walk, I'm supposed to think of them--#2=orange, #3=yellow, #5=green, #6=red. I also figure that the Queen Anne's lace that's growing along the trails so abundantly right now will represent #1, who quite awhile back claimed that as her flower. So, there are two kids unrepresented as yet. I figure I'll wear my purple socks to represent #4, and my new shoes have pink swooshes which will stand for #7. There, everyone will be present and accounted for.

So, tonight, we decorate the van and then tomorrow morning at 9:30, we're off to the starting line.

Wish me luck.

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