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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some Days All It Takes is an Orange

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The hotel we're staying at has the MOST amazing breakfast. You go down to the dining room, and they have made-to-order omelets. Wow! SO delicious! I just tell them, "Throw in a little bit of everything." They cook it up, and life is good.

Two mornings of that, and I feel VERY spoiled.

As I head back up to my room, I grab an orange to eat later.

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This morning, I peel the orange and the wheels in my brain just start to turning. I pull the peel off in one large piece. As I detach it, the white part just smoothly pulls away from the orange itself. As I section it, I get to wondering about oranges. How do they know to section the way they do? How do they each grow in such a perfect way? I have never yet peeled an orange to find there are no sections. That white stuff has always come off. Sometimes it's required a bit of work on my part, but so far, so good.

Maybe this is a silly thing to ponder, but as I look at that orange, I look
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at myself....I am who I am not by chance. My children are who they are not because of some random circumstances. The people that pass me on the street aren't thrown together by some wind of chance or a blast in the cosmos. An orange is an orange because it was made to be an orange.

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I am sometimes very dissatisfied with myself. My weaknesses overcome me. I become frustrated at this set of abilities and this set of imperfections that I attempt to work with and through each day.

But, this morning, as I taste the sweetness of the orange and work my way around the seeds, I understand something that I needed to remember....I was made this way for a reason, and more likely, many reasons.

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So, take the bad with the good--dig your nails in and peel off the rind, section it out, and work around the seeds to taste the sweetness of life. Oranges are oranges because they were made to be oranges.

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Tonya said...

How do you do it? You have this crazy ability to take any random everyday happening and liken it to your life. I don't get it! I love it, but I don't get how you do it. That's what I love about you, by the way.

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