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Sunday, July 28, 2013

#1's Weekly Email: Week #6 (Final from the MTC)

For the record, I do not have ADHD. We just joke around about it here because I tend to be easily distracted by seven children. I guess I should say, at least I haven't been diagnosed with ADHD. Who knows? By the time I'm done with this whole ride of kids at home, I may just be.

I, also, do not know Elder Fulivai, but maybe someday we'll meet. Funny!

She refers to two packages. The first is from a dear woman that I met on Facebook who has a son serving in the Olongapo Mission. She, out of the kindness of her heart, went out and purchased some items that the girls won't be able to find in the Philippines and took them to the MTC to be delivered to all six girls that are traveling together on Monday. SO NICE! She contacted me earlier in the week and asked me what I would put in the package if I were there. 

The second package was one I sent last Monday. It had some VERY vital things in it. I was SO sad to know that it hadn't arrived yet and was so relieved to know that it came today. She was able to email me back quickly to tell me that it had come. PHEW!

#1 speaks of packing lightly. She surprised me in a few ways when she got ready to go. She took no contacts with her and no make up. She could see no need for either. She packed very simply.

Here is her letter for the week:

Life is great. We have less than 48 hours left. Man I'm so excited and so terrified at the same time.

image: whatsthatbug.com
Last night for the last hour of class, our substitute, Sister Landrum, told us about her time there. She told us all these disgusting stories about bugs. My poor kasama is TERRIFIED of bugs and she almost started hyperventilating right there in her chair. I felt so bad for her.

And yes, I am definitely ready to "blow this popsicle stand." It's been great but I'm ready to teach REAL people and share the gospel with them. I'm also excited to actually become fluent in Tagalog. It's such a cool language. I've also realized, mother dearest, that I've received some of your ADHD tendencies. It's really hard for me to focus sometimes in class and I get super spazzy and start teasing the elders (doesn't help that they make it easy for me). Also I feel sorry for L. The Japanese speakers have to stay here for 9 weeks now... :P That would suck sooooooooo badly.

We got the package from that adorable sister. It was like Christmas over here. We are all so grateful to her. And yes we all wrote her a thank you letter and signed it :) We're such good girls haha

No, I haven't gotten your package yet. I've been praying so hard all yesterday and today that it'll come today. If I leave before I get it then they will forward it to me but I won't need that blanket in the Philippines.... Oh man I just keep praying...

I'm so glad [#5] likes the shirt. Do you think it helped him?
image: byubookstore.com

And no the other kids aren't gonna get shirts anytime soon but I'll make sure to get them stuff in the Philippines.

Super quick question. Did you send me a new debit card? I haven't gotten one at all and I'm getting a tad bit antsy. I don't really want to go to the Philippines without a way to get money. That just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

Nice to know that [#6] is the next Harry Potter hahaha

so Yeah, now i'll tell you about this last week. Monday was our last day with one of our teachers. Sister Scott was flying to California to be with her family for her Birthday. We were all so sad that she had to leave us early. She seriously was an amazing teacher for us. We were definitely blessed with the teachers we got. We all know that they were meant to teach us. Oh! and my amazing kasama let me go play the piano for an hour and 15 minutes. Greatest day of my life. I played all of the songs that Sister S. and Sister P. had haha On Monday morning, Sister T. and I taught Joseph, our male investigator. It was the most amazing lesson ever. I invited him to be baptized and he said yes! Oh also, our female investigator is committed to be baptized too :) I forgot to tell you that last week. Seriously, I am constantly amazed that Heavenly Father is willing to take me, one of his flawed and unworthy daughters, and turn me into one of his servants and trust me with the rescuing of his children. I will never not be amazed I think.

Tuesday was our last devotional. It was good. I don't really remember much from it. I'm gonna have to go look up my notes...

image: lgadvisors.com
Wednesday was hosting and the teaching experience. Both were really fun. Sister T. and I got to teach a Japanese man named Junichi. He looked just like Mr. Miyagi! It was crazy. But it was also really funny cuz he kept calling us cute and then he said that his friend that we received the referral from told him that we were going to sing for him. Ha! In his dreams :) But it was seriously so fun and sobrang nakakatawa.

Thursday, Brother C. had us teach him as a class. We were stressing because we thought it was going to have to be all in Tagalog but it wasn't. He told us that he feels so insignificant sometimes and that he wants to give up certain things. We pretty much all went around the room and told him how much we loved him and what an influence he's been in our lives. It was so amazing. We made him cry hehe We also got the package from Sister Smith on this day too. Happy day for all of us.

Friday (yesterday) was in-field orientation. That's where you sit in a classroom from 8-6. A whole day. It was interesting because it felt just like EFY. How odd. But it was still fun. One of the teachers was from France and he had the most amazing accent ever. Also, all the sisters decided that they want to marry him hahaha

So this morning everyone's rushing to get packed and weigh their suitcases. At the beginning of being here I kind of wished that I'd brought more stuff but now that we're leaving I'm so glad that I don't have that much stuff. I'm pretty sure that both my suitcases will be less than 50 lbs but that's probably just cuz I'm sending home a lot of stuff to you guys. It's just nice to sit and relax while everyone around me freaks out hehe

Hey, can you possibly send me a bunch of those things that I don't have to the mission home in the Philippines? (you know... those things?) It would be really nice to have them....

Mahal kita! I think that's everything I wanted to tell you guys.

-Sister Hess

P.P.S. Elder Fulivai (he's sitting next to me and he's going to Baguio) says hi :)
P.P.P.S. He says he misses you
P.P.P.P.S I'll be calling the home phone on Monday morning. Not sure exactly what time but make sure that everyone's home, ok?

Kasama = companion
Sobrang = a lot; really
Nakakatawa = funny
Mahal kita = I love you
Salamat = thanks

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