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Saturday, July 13, 2013

#1's Weekly Email: Week #4

Here's this week's email. A lot of this is in response to things I wrote to her. I also received two letters from her this week. She's doing very well.

Okey dokey. So this'll be my weekly email. I seriously wish that we could just email all the time cuz then I'd never have to write a letter. I'm seriously getting calluses on my hands from how much I'm writing. My pinky has left a permanant indent in the palm of my hand :P

So to answer your questions. Brother C's little boy, Arthur, is adorable. He showed us pictures of him. So stinking cute. About the blanket. I talked to the girls and we all decided that that is a genius idea. You can just send it to me and we'll give it to him. We're the last group that he gets to teach dahil you can only teach at the MTC for three years. It's very sad.

Can you get the Prince of Egypt sheet music from K and send it to me with the rest of the music? It's called "When You Believe." All of us wanna sing it so badly.

Thanks for ordering the card reader. Hopefully it'll get here soon. I'm attaching a pic of my name tag cuz #3 wanted it.

Speaking of name tags, we only get the ones we have. We will be called Sister in the Philippines and the church is called the English name sa Tagalog because that's how it's spelled on the church buildings... Kinda lame but it's ok.

Yay! I'm so excited to go shopping. All of us over here are already sick of our clothes. Wearing the same things week after week is soooooo dumb. And I know that once I get back I'll be shocked as to how much we have. It usually takes a while for missionaries to get used to living the American way after coming back from a third world country.

So our other teacher is Sister S. She's been off her mission for about a year and she is awesome. She's so sweet. Oh and she's 6'2" and blonde. Ha! Imagine her being over there :)

Are you allowed to just show up at the Portland airport to see me? Is that okay? It would be amazing to see you guys but I don't want to break the rules. Oh and the district older than us leaves and then we'll be the old ones here. We get our flight plans on this. I'm so excited! So I'll let you know where we're landing I guess.

image: tumblr.com
I am sobrang jealous about 7/11. Seriously we were all sitting in class and were like Dangit! It's 7/11! We all started making plans about how to get a free slurpee but honestly we couldn't think of a way that wouldn't be breaking the rules. So... no slurpees for us. Darn.

And of course I use smiley faces! How on earth would you know how I'm feeling otherwise? :)

Yes, we SYL. I try to do it a lot but it's really hard to get my brain to translate from Tagalog into English. It hurts my head sometimes. But it is getting easier.

Tell #2 that he needs to man up and just get the Eagle over with.
Seriously life would be so much easier if he'd just do it. And then he can start learning to drive little blue. Pero, I don't want him to wreck her. I still want to drive her when I get home.

Oh and could you tell B that it's not "magandang araw" for the hello song. It's "kumusta." That's a lot easier to sing :)

Ok so this week has been fun. Nothing really big has happened. Just a typical week here. The food's still amazing. The spirit is still strong. The people are still awesome. And the church is still true. Yay! haha

Oh we're all becoming really good friends with the new elders that came in last week. They're all super funny. We call one of them Elder Teddy Bear because he looks like a big teddy bear and his companion is Elder Idaho because all he talks about is Idaho. They're so fun to mess with.

And I think that's everything I wanted to tell you. I love you guys and I miss you but it's all good cuz I know this is where I'm supposed to be right now.

Mahal kita!
Kapayapaan sa labas! (literally, peace out :))
-Sister Hess

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