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Monday, July 15, 2013

Goods and Bads for July 14, 2013

Okay, as if my mom asked me, here are my bads and goods for today:


  • Not writing stuff on my calendar. I was doing so good at this, but lately, I've been lousy at it. I knew there was an open house to say good-bye to a wonderful family from our ward, but did I bother to write down the time? NO! We got there, but it was only because #6, who has the mother of this family as his Primary teacher, kept telling us we HAD to go. I finally got smart enough to check with someone (Thanks, Paige) about the time, and sure enough, it had started quite awhile before then.
  • Walking into the open house. Just awkward. I feel this way much of the time. I had intended to make some brownies to take, but I had fallen asleep this afternoon (something I rarely, if ever, do. So, yes, we were those people. You know, the ones that show up empty handed. Considering how little time was left when we arrived, I figured maybe it was better anyway. Sure enough, there was a lot of food there.
  • Having friends over this evening to play games. It forced us to straighten our house up a bit, and I also got the brownies made before they came over. It's been so long since we've done anything like this. After we do, I always wonder why we don't do it more often. Such was the case this evening. The conversation was fun, and I even caught myself laughing a few times at the great stories that were shared. Thanks, Kim and Sean. We HAVE to do this again sometime.
  • Learning that I may not be needed at day camp tomorrow and that I will get to go on Friday and work with my good friend.
  • Once I got warmed up, being at the open house was great. We really have such wonderful people in our ward. I love being around them. Sad to say good-bye to this great family, but glad for the chance to get to. Thank you, Caitlin and Ryan for opening your house. John and Stephanie, we're really going to miss you and your sweet children. Glad that we have blogs and Facebook to keep us connected, so we can watch the kids grow up. Thank you for all you added to our ward.

We also went to choir practice today, and I taught sharing time about family prayer, family scripture study, and Family Home Evening and how these things strengthen families. I challenged the kids to do these things for the next two weeks and gave them a chart on which to keep track. .If they bring it back at the end of the two weeks, they will receive a prize.

Crazy week ahead with EFY for #s 2 and 3, scout camp for #4, and day camp for #5. The Warden's taking the day off tomorrow to be with #s 6 and 7, but if I find I'm not needed, I'll come home after dropping the boys off and the Warden can head back to work. That's what I'm praying for tonight.

Most of us wrote to #1 today as well. That always feels good. I've got a package I've got to get off to her early this week. I have a couple of things to make before I can send it off, though.

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