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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Maybe I Don't Hate It as Much as I Remember

K, so as a follow up from my Facebook status this morning in which I asked for advice on how to start running again. Thank you to everyone who commented and left me private messages. More than anything else, thank you for caring. Dave, particularly, thank you for your message. It was very fitting for the circumstance, and I'm sure you didn't know that. Your message was inspired, and I felt very encouraged as I read it.

After all of the love that was shown, I thought I'd better give some follow up. It was too long for Facebook, so here  you go....

I went running. Yay, me! I knew I couldn't ask any of my three oldest to go with me, they are WAY too fast (Thank you, Wes, for taking the photos. I swear I wouldn't have any if it weren't for you). They all run cross country and track, so I asked #4. He doesn't do that crazy running stuff yet, so he was the perfect candidate, and he rocks! Did I ever tell you that? Well, he does.

We found a great park and just went for it.

image: brandeating.com
We went to breakfast with the Warden's parents for the Warden's birthday. I ate a light breakfast. Want to know what I had? Oatmeal. Yes. I ordered oatmeal at a restaurant where I could have had anything. It was DELICIOUS, and as I ate it, I thought, I'm being so good to myself. Again, yay, me!

#4, however, ordered an omelet and ate himself silly, so it was nice to have his gut an excuse to walk a bit during our run.

image: flickr.com
We ran at Noble Woods Park in Hillsboro. Hillsboro has some really nice parks. I searched them out online.

We ran on the main paths through the park and found ourselves on the opposite side, so we exited the park and ran through the neighborhood a bit.

I have no idea how far we ran distance-wise, but we ran/walked for a half hour, and you know what? It felt GOOD. I had forgotten how good it feels. I think the thing that makes it feel so good is the fact that I know I've conquered something in myself just to get out there and do it.

image: slashsport.com
I also have a new pair of shoes that I call my little gift from heaven that I'll have to explain, but once I explain, I think you'll understand why I feel such a compulsion to run.

image: store.nike.com
The other day, I mentioned that something awesome was going to happen and that I was waiting for it. Well, those shoes are one of three things (that I'm aware of) that were awesome that happened that day.

More on that later.....

Don't you just love it when I leave you with a teaser?

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