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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dressing a Missionary

We've been looking online for just the right clothes for #1's mission. She has been advised to have 6 to 8 outfits. I have been all hung up about fabric. We've been to numerous websites and found so many cute things that we felt would be great, but we decided that we'd look around here first to see what we could find.

The websites were asking close to $100 for a dress. We've set money aside and could afford to do that but really preferred to use that money for other things, so we headed to our favorite thrift shop--the Salvation Army Boutique in Tigard.

We both felt like we hit the jackpot today. They were having a 30% off sale on their already super inexpensive clothes. We walked away with $63 worth of clothing and accessories (four skirts, four shirts, two blazers, and two necklaces). Here's a little sneak peek....

We ran across this blazer, which she might not need, but it fit her so perfectly. The skirt came from a friend. Thanks, Paige! It will go with every shirt she will take. Nice to be able to mix and match.
Here's the same outfit without the blazer. 

I loved this shirt and the skirt can be interchanged with a couple different shirts.

This is a shirt that #1 already owned.

The lady in the dressing room before us left this jacket in the room. After she left, she was looking for it. We mentioned it to one person, but for some reason, everyone in the store knew that #1 was heading for the Philippines. When the woman saw #1 wearing it, it was clear that she had really wanted to buy it. #1 took it off and gave it to her with an apology, but the woman told her that she was to keep it because she was leaving the country. So nice! The woman was from Jamaica. She told #1 that even in tropical places it gets cool in the evening, so she would need the jacket and should keep it.

This shirt and jacket won't go with #1. We're still looking for the right blouse to go with this skirt. 

So, there you have it. She also has a dress that we didn't photograph. We purchased it for her before she left for school. We figure with all we saved, we'll go ahead and order a dress we saw online. We chuckle now at the thought that that dress alone costs $98.

We've been advised on a number of things about her mission. One is that laundry is done by hand and air dried. We've also been told that there are some wonderful seamstresses in the Philippines, so she can buy fabric there really inexpensively and take the fabric along with a favorite article of clothing and ask someone to design and create a garment for her. I love this idea and hope she'll take advantage of that while she's there.


Darilyn said...

If she has native comps she probably will have some clothes made. I did in brazil. And it was because my native comps did and I saw how awesome their clothes were and how cheap it was. That last skirt by the way is C U T E.

Diane said...

Those look great!

LeAnn said...

She looked adorable in all of the pictures. I think it is so awesome that the Sister missionaries can now have more colorful outfits.
Blessings to you all!

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