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Monday, December 17, 2012


Someone on Facebook today asked if anyone had a tough time sending his/her child to school today.

Day after day, I send my entire family off to public school. I make myself vulnerable everyday. I trust the world to be kind to each of them everyday.

A few years back, my husband left extremely early in the morning to go to an appointment he had with an "irate parent." I hate this kind of situation. I almost wish he wouldn't tell me when that's what he's heading to. It's one thing to send your family off during the day, but when you know they're stepping right into the lion's den, that's a terrible feeling.

That morning, I realized that all it takes is one over-the-top parent, and I'm without a husband; my children without a father. But, when you think about it, I've walked into a Walmart and then heard over the loud-speaker that we were to leave the store because there had been a bomb threat. Truly, we are at the mercies of others at all times--any time we walk out our door.

Another person today on Facebook commented on how everyone seems so angry right now. This is human nature, or maybe part of the grieving process. We become so self-absorbed and worried that we forget that we're injuring others.

Then, I found this....

I was so impressed. I admired Mr. Parker's courage, first and foremost. When he showed love and support for the families and individuals that were affected including the shooter's family and when he encouraged us to have compassion even for complete strangers, my heart was deeply touched. What an incredible individual he is.

This is the message I needed to hear today. We are truly all hurting. When such things happen, we somehow place ourselves in their shoes, and we hurt as if the pain were our own.

Robbie Parker knows the key to healing. It is in having compassion--not just for a select few, but for all around us. It is in taking personal responsibility for our own choices--one of those being in choosing how we interact with others, and always, always choosing to be kind.

I am grateful for the reminder I received today. I am grateful to know that there is Someone who can restore our peace, Someone who always shows us kindness and restores us to where we need to be and directs us in the way we should go no matter what part of the path we're on or how far we've strayed.

Yes, I will continue to trust. I will continue to send my entire family out into the world each day. I will trust that they will treat the world with kindness and compassion. I will trust my fellowman because I have no other choice, and I will trust that each of us will personally choose to be kind, and I will make those choices in my own life. But, more than that, I will trust that where that trust for mankind fails me, I will trust my Heavenly Father who will never, ever fail me and will someday make all things right.


Meredith said...

From what I understand, Mr. Parker is Brother Parker. His message is becoming of a priesthood holder who has eternal perspective and not the viscous vitriol I have seen. Tragic yet lovely and hopeful. Sweet is the peace the gospel brings.

buzygrizz said...

You are right Meredith. I have a friend who served his mission with him (I don't think they were companions, just Elder friends in the mission).
Thanks Julie for the post.
- Lisa

Adriane D said...

Thank you for this.

Tonya said...

I saw a similar post on FB. She asked if anyone was afraid to send their children to school on Monday. And my first thought was, "No. No, I'm not". I believe most people are good and I choose to not live in fear or to instill fear in my children. Yes, life brings really sour lemons sometimes, but I guess I choose to make lemonade. And I want my kids to know that life is good and that they can make a positive difference in this world. I am grateful for eternal perspective. Robbie's words touched my heart as well. What an amazing family.

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