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Friday, December 7, 2012


My boy lost his folder. He went to his teacher and told her. She responded that if he lost it, he would need to replace it.

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I searched the garage for one of the many, many folders I purchased when the back-to-school sales were on. I searched and searched, but the only one I could locate was a black one. Black.

I took it into the house declaring that I'd located one.

He took it from me and said, "Alright! I can write on it." I guess that since it's ours, he feels he can deface it all he wants to. I couldn't argue, so I let it go. Plus, he's in one of those moods.

I warned him, from my own experience, that it might be difficult to do because it is black. His response: "Ever heard of white?"

He's mad because he expected me to have to go out and spend money on that folder. For some reason, spending money makes it a better folder.

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Currently, there are crayons of every color flying around my kitchen. Literally. They're all broken; they don't work. He's mad. "Dumb crayons!"

He's digging himself an emotional hole. A hole that just keeps getting deeper and deeper, and no matter how hard I try to pull him back out, he won't be pulled. It's pointless.

And, no, I'm not going anywhere near that kitchen.

So, I tell him, "Go ahead and dig. Just don't do it near me." Sometimes, it seems that permission makes it die down--just knowing that someone knows what you're up to. Granting permission means I'm not joining you in that hole.

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Some days are like this, and as I'm watching it all unfold before my very eyes, I see that it all started with black. Black that will not accept any other color no matter how hard you try to make it accept something, anything; no matter what you do. Black is that way, unchanging.

And so, I write this because I know there is so much more to this than meets the eye....Points I need to ponder.....Lessons I need to learn.

....About black.


buzygrizz said...

Jelly roll pens, white out (pen, preferably), etc. would work. Chalk works too (though not permanent) and you might have some sidewalk chalk around. Just some ideas for him.

Nice text color/highlighting change in the post (white to black).

LeAnn said...

I found that post very interesting.I can remember well a son just like yours. White is the presence of all colors and black is the absence of all colors according to my husband. I will need to ponder on that one.
Blessings and keep on enjoying your sweet moments with your son. They do grow up fast.

Jamie said...

I liked your analogy. You are an excellent writer.

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