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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leveling the Playing Field

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As I watched the special about Chiune Sugihara yesterday, there was a little background to his experience and what may have caused his great compassion. It spoke of his time spent in China and about the Japanese invasion there. Mr. Sugihara resigned his post at that time, it was said, because of the inhumane way the Japanese treated the Chinese. Of course, following this, was World War II and all of its atrocities.

This really got me thinking about war and even minor wars that take place everyday between individuals--here I'm referring to my children. Here's a very minor illustration of what I'm talking about.

image: sears.com
Two children in our home received really cool Star Wars slippers for Christmas. A younger child put them on while the owner was asleep and wore them around for a little while. I warned this child that the owner might not be too thrilled with that. The wearer wore them around for a bit longer but was sure to remove them before the owner woke.

The funny thing was, an older child grabbed the same slippers and wore them right under the owner's nose and nothing was said. This really made me sit up and take notice.

What does this have to do with Japan and China, you ask?

Here's what hit me. There is a sense of superiority we have with those that we feel are under us. There is a lack of compassion a lack of desire to share. Japan, at that time of war, had the upper hand. China was "below" them. During World War II, anyone on "the list" was at the mercy of Hitler and his Nazi regime. These may be extreme examples when I share the story of the slippers and my children, but the same principle applies.

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It is so easy to share with those who are above us. There may even be a feeling of being compelled to treat our superiors with care, but what about the others?

I guess this has me all riled up. Why are there superiors? Why do we treat some people so differently than others? How do we level the playing field?

Here's what I finally decided--you can go here and scroll down to the highlighted section.

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I figure, if I picture myself as better than anyone else, I'd better get to serving a little bit more and a little bit better. That's the only way to bring everyone on equal ground.

1 comment:

The Call Family said...

Great post Julie!
I think we all need to be serving a little more...
That needs to be one of my New Year's Goals!

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