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Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Progress

The boxes are empty! I fulfilled three of the baby steps this morning--the first three.  YAY!!! I emptied the last box of items from the desk and #6's box of schoolwork and books. I started my list of goals; although, I must admit, it doesn't inspire me. It's kind of boring. I think I'm thinking a little too short range.

Tomorrow, #1 and I will empty the cupboard that holds the music. There are pieces of sheet music that were from back in the 1920s, I believe. Not sure what to do with those. It might be kind of fun to frame them and put them on the wall somewhere near the piano. I'm terrible with that kind of stuff, though. Hmm....maybe that should join my list of goals.

My hope is to also thin out the filing drawer. I need to come up with a new filing system.

It will be nice to have these things done.

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