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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thanks for Not Warning Me

Me; Amanda Larimer, Oregon's 2012 Young Mother of the Year, #1 and #3
Today at noon was the annual Mother's Day mass at the Grotto. For you readers who aren't familiar with Portland, the Grotto is a very large and beautiful Catholic sanctuary. Its official name is The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowing Mother. Every year the Mother of the Year is invited to speak at this mass. Past Mothers of the Year were also invited.

I, to be honest, went to support Bobbie and to hear her speak, and she did a FANTASTIC job! I was glad I was there. She shared this story and then talked about mothers in the scriptures--Moses' mother and Samuel's mother and finally Mary. Bobbie is a wonderful speaker. If you ever get the chance to go hear her speak, take it!

There were two things I wasn't bargaining for, though. I had been the contact person for the Oregon Mothers Association of American Mothers, Inc. The nun in charge and I had been sending emails back and forth. I had given her the number of attendees. I thought my job was done, but when I walked in before things started, she approached me and said that she was in need of two women to "give the gifts." I didn't exactly know what this meant, but I told her that Bobbie and Amanda (the Young Mother of the Year) would be perfect. She explained that since Bobbie was already presenting, she thought that was enough for her to do and would I be the other person? Umm...Sure. Yikes! I hadn't a clue what I was doing, but I did my best. The priest was really nice, and it was all done.

On top of that, I was asked to introduce our group, it's history and purpose and the Mothers and Young Mothers to the congregation. Wow! Really?! Like with words, like standing in front of all those strangers? Oh, okay. Amanda, wrote the names of the women and the years they served as Mothers and Young Mothers. Another of the women wrote up a quick history. Phew! I then just had to sit and wait.

I was prepped with the fact that I would need to bow before the alter before and after I walked across the stage. It ended up that my part was at the very end. The shocking thing was that I wasn't nervous in the slightest. I think had I known, I would have been freaking out. Tender mercy.

 I got up, walked, bowed, introduced myself, said my ditty, thanked them, walked away, bowed and went and sat down. Phew! It was over.

Funny how, even though I wasn't nervous, about ten minutes later, my joints felt like mush. I must have been more nervous than I allowed myself to be.

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