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Monday, November 24, 2014

Darn IT!

The last 20 minutes before #7 left were spent laboring over the word "it." "I, igloo, i-i-i. T, turtle, t-t-t." Over and over again. Each page began with "It."

The following two words came easy once we could get past "it," but each page was another hurdle to climb up and over as soon as the page was turned.

IT! How hard can it be?

The strange thing is that "is" is no problem. That's her word…"is." Why couldn't "it" be "is?" We would have easily passed this book on, but no, we've been working on this single book for four days now.

The previous books were easy to memorize and pretend that she was reading the words; the pictures were simple enough to read. She'd take one book back every day and bring home a new one….Encouraging. But again tonight, we will be left with "it" once again.

It seems that the Hess family is going to be entering a new world….A world of testing and working to overcome some obstacles that at times, I'm sure, are going to feel insurmountable.

Funny….While we struggled with "I can't do this!" for the past twenty minutes, she tapped a cute little tune with her fingers on the book. It was perfectly syncopated. It, I'm sure, went along with the tune going on in her mind. There is so much more there….more than a little girl who struggles to connect the idea that letters have sounds and those sounds don't change.

That little rhythm somehow played as a little reminder to me that this child is unique. There are obvious weaknesses and difficulties, but there is also so, so, SO much more….So much potential.

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